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by Nelly on 10 Less Known Facts about the UPCAT

UPCAT Schedule and Important Dates

Hello boys and girls!  UPCAT is right around the corner.  We sincerely hope you are prepared to face the grueling (depends on your point of view), five-hour (this is fact) exam.

UPCAT Schedule:  August 1 to 2, 2009

The UP College Admission Test is set to take place on August 1 to 2, 2009 barring unforeseen issues or problems.  For that matter, I don’t know if UPCAT has ever been postponed.  I will have to look in on that.  Better yet, if you have information you wish to share, please hit me; I’m open.

UPCAT Application Deadlines

June 23, 2009 – Deadline for Filing of UPCAT Application if you go to a school in Metro Manila
June 30, 2009 – Deadline for Filing of UPCAT Application if you go to a non-MM school

All in all guys, you have only from 1-8 days to get that application in where it belongs.  Please, please don’t wait till the deadline – I’m especially talking to you folks from the province since you still have time.  You don’t want to prematurely experience the lines in the University of Pila.  If you intend mailing in your application forms, ask your school to send in your and your classmates’ forms in one big batch.  Again, don’t wait till the day before the deadline; you don’t want to find out at the last minute that your courier service provider lost your application forms along the way.

UPCAT Application Form

If you have never heard of UPCAT till now (where on Earth are you living, anyway?), you still have a chance to get your application in (as long as you have courier service in your town and your school officials prove to be cooperative).  Simply download the forms and the guidelines listed below (these PDF documents are sourced directly from the UP website), print them, fill them out, and get them over to the Office of Admissions by the above stated dates.

UPCAT Form 1:  UPCAT Application for Freshman Admission, First Semester AY 2010-2011:  Download

UPCAT Form 2:  University of the Philippines Secondary School Record:  Download

If you need a primer on the UPCAT, donwload the document specified below.  Like the other two, this comes from the UP website.  Unlike the other two, this is an MS Word document.  You’ll be asked to either “Open” or “Save” the document in your computer; the document will not open in your browser.

UPCAT General Information:  A Primer on the UPCAT Applicatiom Process:  Download


Now, if you’re wondering how much UPCAT costs, we have just the information you need.  If your annual family income (that’s gross) is P100,000 and above, you have to pay P450.  If you are taking the UPCAT in the Middle East, your UPCAT Fee is $100.  Foreigners living abroad have to pay $50.

U.P. Office of Admissions

Now again, if you have questions, don’t keep them.  They won’t do you any good that way.  Just ask Academic-Clinic (that’s me and the other members of our team); we are always willing to help.  Just email your question to us at academic.clinic [at] yahoo [dot] com, okay?  You might also want to read up on our tips on how to go about in choosing a good UPCAT review center or some UPCAT tips and strategies.

You can also go pay a personal visit to the University of the Philippines’ Office of Admissions at Solidor Hall in UP Diliman.  You may also contact the same office at telephone numbers: (+632) 9274561
and  (+632) 9818500 local 3827 to 3831  or send them an email at oadms@up.edu.ph.