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UPCAT 2013 Application Open

The UPCAT 2013 application period opens today – May 22, 2012.  Note that this UPCAT application is for incoming fourth year high school students who intend to take the UP College Admission Test on August 4 or 5, 2012. It is for those who want the chance of getting admitted to the University of the Philippines in 2013.

By this time, you should (at least) already have a copy of the UPCAT application forms.  Remember, you will need to submit two forms to UP – the UPCAT Form 1 and the UPCAT Form 2.  You will have to fill out the first form, while your school administrator (i.e. your principal or school head) will have to accomplish the second form. Completing the forms can take some time (school administrators are busy people, after all); thus, you need to get started on your application.

Remember, you only have until June 15, 2012 (if you’re from a Metro Manila school) or June 22, 2012 (if you’re from a non-Metro Manila school) to get your correctly and completely filled out UPCAT application forms to the UP Office of Admissions.

Students from the province, please be especially mindful of the deadline. Remember, you’ll need to mail (or send via courier) your application forms to UP – and things could happen to them en route (e.g. they could be lost in transit). We’re not saying that will happen; we’re saying it might. Just don’t leave it until the last minute to submit your UPCAT application forms, so you’ll have time to deal with whatever problems might crop up.

If you still don’t have the forms, better get them now.  For information on important dates and where you can get the application forms for the UPCAT 2013, check out a post we made earlier regarding the UPCAT 2013 schedule.

UPCAT 2013 – Application Forms Available Now

All incoming 4th-year high school students, the application forms for the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) for the Academic Year 2013-2014 are now available!

Is UPCAT 2013 for You?

The UPCAT 2013 is for incoming 4th year high school students who aspire to be UP Freshmen in the Academic Year 2013-2014.

Where Can You Get the UPCAT 2013 Forms?

1.  You may download the UPCAT forms online.

You may visit the UPCAT website ( to get the downloadable UPCAT forms. Here are the direct download links:

  • General Information – download and read this; do not fill out the forms without first reading this general information bulletin thoroughly.
  • UPCAT Form 1 – this is the Personal Data Sheet that you have to fill out completely.
  • UPCAT Form 2 – this is the High School Records form that is for your school administrator to fill out.

After you’ve downloaded the two UPCAT 2013 forms, print them on 8.5″x13″ paper, fill them out correctly and completely then submit them as soon as UPCAT application opens.

2. You  may request a copy from your school.

If you’re lucky enough to be from a school that actively supports its students who want to get into the University of the Philippines, you can probably get a copy of the UPCAT forms from your school administrators.  Your school administrators are also probably going to bug you until you accomplish and submit your UPCAT Forms – lucky you.

3. You may get a copy from the UP Office of Admissions.

If you are friends or kin with someone studying in any UP Campus, then you can probably prevail upon that person to get you a hard copy of the UPCAT forms from the UP Office of Admissions (if your friend or kin is in UP Diliman) or from the Office of the Registrar (if your friend or kin is in any other UP Campus).

When Does the UPCAT 2013 Application Period Start?

You may start submitting your UPCAT 2013 application forms on May 22, 2012, Tuesday,

When Are the UPCAT 2013 Application Period Deadlines?

For UPCAT 2013 applicants hailing from Metro Manila schools, the deadline is June 15, 2012.

For UPCAT 2013 applicants hailing from Non-Metro Manila schools, the deadline is June 22, 2012.

When Is the UPCAT 2013?

The UPCAT 2013 will be held on the first Saturday and Sunday of August.  That’s August 4 and 5, 2012.  UPCAT takers will be assigned to either one of these dates, and to either the morning (6:30 am) or the afternoon (12:30 pm) session.