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You may have come across the phrase “summer bridge program” in your search for a university to attend.  No surprise there—a number of schools offer this as a kind of service to freshman applicants.  The University of the Philippines is a prime example of this, and the principle behind its program is quite simple.


The UP Summer Bridge Program is actually the university’s way of preventing applicants from getting overwhelmed by college level English and Math subjects.  Think of it as a form of enrichment carried out through preparatory or remedial college classes.


This is how it works: the students’ performance in the UPCAT English and Math sections is subjected to close scrutiny.  If the school officials see that their performance in the aforementioned subjects is substandard, then they will tag the applicants for the bridge program.  These same applicants will need to take either Math 2 or English 1 (depending on which subject they did not do so well in) or even both, if need be.


In case you’re wondering, there is no need or way to “sign up” for the program.  The school automatically does that for you depending on your UPCAT performance.  All you need to is to show up and make the most of what the program has to offer.


Actually, the phrase “UP Summer Bridge Program” is a misnomer—the current incarnation program no longer takes place during the summer.  The university realized that having students come in from the provinces during the summer, go back, and then come back again for regular classes would be too burdensome a prospect.  Thus, they moved it to the regular semester and renamed it the “UP Bridge Program” instead.


Students can now focus on enjoying their summer, knowing that they need not sacrifice valuable vacation time to prepare for the rigors of college work.  Of course, the trade-off is that they’ll need to devote more time to the program during the semester, but it should at least help them compartmentalize things better.



Ms. Rowena of the UP Registrar’s Office