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UP Dorm Guide for Freshies

By:  Christian T. Rieza

Working hard and passing the UPCAT must’ve feel great, huh? Well, guess what. That’s just where the hectic part sets out. There are a lot of requirements and documents to accomplish and prepare. One of those things that you should start applying and preparing for is the dormitory where you intend to stay in once you intend to pursue your studies in UP.   Each and every isko/iska is advised to find a dorm, whether it be one located outside or inside the campus.

So many papers, so little time.  Seems daunting, huh? Fret not. With the right instructions and a patient disposition, you’re sure to nab that much-coveted dorm slot. Bear in mind that you, as a bonafide iskolar ng bayan, have only months left before you enter the great halls of the premiere university. If you want to learn more of the dormitories situated in UP and how to plan your application, specifically UP Diliman and UP Los Banos, then by all means read on.

Dorm Vs Apartment

Before attending college, students are usually left with two housing choices. You may opt to live in an apartment or a dormitory.  One choice can either make your stay miserable or a memorable one. Bear in mind the following:

1. Of course, the first thing to consider is the budget. Can you afford to live in an apartment? Which one will be more affordable to you, a dorm or an apartment? Think wisely because every penny counts.

2. Generally, you have no choice but to live with a roommate in a dorm. You might have not much of a privacy and find it crowded. On the other hand, living in an apartment has it’s own perks like being able to live alone and a solo bed (You might even get the chance to choose who your roommates are).

3. Food matters, right? Well, not unless you want to starve yourself and be skinny like me. I think not. Anyways, I think there are dorms that offer meal plans. Either way, you have the sole responsibility of cooking your own food in an apartment. You can always buy food outside though.

4. One thing to consider as well is the proximity of that dorm/apartment to your college.

5. If you do not appreciate curfews and other rules that you thought you had left behind at home, then an apartment is more suited to your needs.

6. Lastly, it won’t hurt if you ask from a person you know who lives on campus. That person might just enlighten you the ups and downs of your home-to-be.

Deciding Which Dorm You Intend To Stay

UP Diliman

*For those freshmen opting to study in UP Diliman  here’s a table of the recommended dormitories available with their corresponding information:

Name of Dormitory


Room Rates

Contact No.

Kalayaan Residence Hall

Freshmen undergraduates



Yakal Residence Hall

Undergraduates (Males)


981-8500 local 4620, 4621

Molave Residence Hall



981-8500 local 4611, 4612

Narra Residence Hall

Undergraduates (Males)


981-8500 local 4613, 4614

Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall

Undergraduates (Females)


981-8500 local 4601, 4602

Kamia Residence Hall

Undergraduates (Females)


981-8500 local 4609,4610

Sampaguita Residence Hall

Undergraduates (Female)


981-8500 local 4617, 4618

UP Los Banos

*For those freshmen opting to study in UP Los banos, here’s a table of the recommended dormitories available with their corresponding information:

Name of Dormitory                                                   Clientele    Room rates   Contact No.
ACCI Dorm Undergraduates (Male) 650 049-536-2863
ATI Dorm Undergraduates (Male) 650 049-536-7441
Men’s Residence Hall Undergraduates (Female) 600 049-536-2580
New Forestry Residence Hall Undergraduates (Male) 600 049-536-7103

UP Manila

* There aren’t really dormitories inside the campus itself. Here’s a link that lists various dormitories/apartments near UP Manila:


– Please bear in mind that there are also apartments and dormitories for rent outside of the campuses. You may opt to go there yourself to inquire.

Starting out with the dorm application process:

Typically, dormitories require you to submit some required documents and requirements. Some documents required are the ff:

-Duly accomplished form

-ITR of parents

-recent water/electric bills

-two recent copies of 2″ X 2″ photo with name tag

Other information

To know more about the dorm application process, you may opt to visit the following links:

1.For UPD- https://dormapplication.upd.edu.ph/

2. For UPLB- uho.uplb.edu.ph/

Important Note: Housing offices of some campuses are strict with deadline. Start of application for UPD freshmen started on March 14, 2012 while the dorm application in UPLB started early as February 15,2012. Of course, with the deadline, UPD Housing office will accept applications only until June 9, 2012 while the date of deadline for UPLB applicants will be on April 30, 2012.