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UE Application and Entrance Exam Basics

In the old days, schools would print out copies of their application forms for students to fill up and submit.  We still see that today, although many schools also offer a convenient online option that allows students to submit applications from any place with an Internet connection.

If you look around, though, you’ll also come across schools that prefer the digital application route to the old school manual one.  The University of the East (UE) is one such school.  Read on for more details on its unique application system.

UE Introduction

The UE had its humble beginnings in 1946 in the form of two rented rooms along Dasmariňas Street, Manila.  The only courses available then were Certified Public Accountancy Classes, yet four of the 110 students at the time nabbed top spots in the CPA board examinations the following year.

This initial success helped establish the Philippine College of Commerce and Business Administration, which received university status in 1951 and a new name: the University of the East.  The school flourished as the years passed as more campuses, colleges and graduate schools were added to its growing roster.

Today, the main UE Manila campus has the most complete collection of courses.  UE Caloocan has an eclectic mixture of Business Administration, Fine Arts, Engineering and others.  The UE Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERM) focuses more on medical graduate schooling, medicine, nursing and physical therapy.

UE Admission Requirements

UE has different document requirements for both the pre-admission and admission phase.  Pre-admission will ask freshmen applicants for the following:

  • accomplished admission application form
  • two copies of the applicants’ latest 2″x2″ ID photo
  • a photocopy of the applicants’ junior year high school grade and/or senior year high school 1st quarter grades (if available)

The admission phase requires that incoming freshmen submit these:

  • high School Report Card (Form 138)
  • certificate of Good Moral Character
  • report of entrance exam (CET) results

Applicants that qualify as “special cases” have additional requirements to fulfill:

  • valedictorian or salutatorian:  certificate issued by their high school principal indicating the honors or academic award they’ve received and that the number of graduates from their batch is at least 200, to qualify for University or College scholarships
  • full-time working students:  certificate of employment
  • applicants to the College of Fine Arts:  an extra Talent Test administered by the college.

Please note that foreign students transferees, degree holders, cross-enrollees and applicants of BSBA (Management) Dentistry and Law have special sets of requirements as well.  Kindly check out this page for the nitty-gritty.

UE (Manila and Caloocan) Application Process and Entrance Exam Schedule (

The pre-admission procedure starts by applying online.  Fill up the online application form, choose the schedule of your entrance exam and send it in.  Print the reference slip that includes the schedule of your UE College Entrance Test.

On the day of your CET schedule, bring the reference slip, two 2”x 2” ID photos and your school ID as you go to the Admissions Office.  Submit the printed slip for assignment of application number together with the ID photos, then pay the application fee at the University Cashier and get your official receipt.  Present this receipt to the Admissions Office staff and take the CET at the testing center they will assign to you.

UE generally holds its entrance tests every day except Sunday (The notable exception to this is the UERM (Please see below.).  There are two time slots:  one at nine in the morning and the other at two in the afternoon.  This holds true for the months of September till June.  From July to August, tests are held only on weekdays during the same time slots.

The school quickly releases the test results after the exam is over, so students may check their status within the day.  The results are revealed in a letter that also states the schedule of enrollment, the grade requirements of the course that the applicants want to take, the other documents required and tuition fee rates.  Generally, freshmen applicants gunning for the next school year may take the test starting July of the current year.

Passing the exam means turning in the next set of requirements enumerated above.  The Admissions Office will hand over the registration form to applicants after they receive the documents.  The students must then return to the UE Cashier to pay the required school fees.  After that, it’s off to the Student Affairs Office for ID card processing and the relaying of additional instructions.

Additional Notes on the UE Application Process

The university strongly encourages its applicants to go for the online registration—so strongly, in fact, that the school has no hard copies of its application form at all.  Potential students will need to sign up via the official website using any Internet-ready computer (even the ones at the admissions office).

Since applicants have may choose the time and date of their exam, they may simply wait  for the appointed time if it is scheduled for the same day.  In fact, a common practice involves showing up an hour before the test with all the necessary documents, applying online, setting the test for that very day, paying the exam fees and then waiting for the test to begin.

Note that UE may or may not schedule the applicants to a face-to-face interview sometime during the enrollment phase.  This usually lasts from April 1 up to the second week of June.  Interview eligibility will depend on a number of factors, notably the applicants’ performance on the test itself and their high school academic performance.  Incongruence between the two may make the applicant ripe for interviewing.

Incidentally, the application processes are essentially the same across all campuses, with some minor variations in the UERM (Quezon City campus).  For example, UERM charges an entrance fee of 500 pesos instead of the 250-peso fee at the Manila and Caloocan branches.  It also holds its entrance exams on the last Sunday of every month, from eight in the morning till twelve noon.

UE Provincial Application/Testing Process

The UE Manila and Caloocan campuses also conduct regional examinations, although the provincial UE CET application process is different from the one for Metro Manila applicants.  For one thing, test-takers can see tarpaulins announcing the UE College Entrance Test in the area where the exams will be conducted.  There is also only one exam scheduled at 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 am.

To take the exam, go to the UE CET testing center an hour before the exam with two 2”x 2” ID photos and your school ID.  Fill up an application form and submit it together with the photos.  Pay the entrance exam fee of 300 pesos at the UE Admissions Officer and wait for the exams to begin.

When you receive your test results, you will also receive all the necessary information for admission and enrollment.  During the enrollment period, simply present the letter and the requirements to the Admissions Office of the campus of your choice.

Here is a listing of the different provincial testing centers.

Testing Center Location Contact Number
Baguio City

National High School

Guisad Road, Baguio City
Cabanatuan City

Science High School

Cabanatuan City,

Nueva Ecija

(044) 600-5872
Cauayan National

High School

Cauayan City, Isabela
Holy Infant Academy Calapan City,

Oriental Mindoro

Immaculate Heart

of Mary Academy


Oriental Mindoro

(043) 284-3587,


Isabela National

High School

Ilagan, Isabela
Jose J. Leido Jr. Memorial National High School J.P. Rizal St.

San Vicente East

Calapan City,

Oriental Mindoro

(043) 288-1109,

(043) 288-8811

Marinduque National

High School

Brgy. Isok,

Boac, Marinduque

(042) 311-1315
Nueva Ecija High School Cabanatuan City,

Nueva Ecija

Palawan Hope

Christian School

Manalo Ext. Puerto Princesa City (048) 433-2849,


Pampanga National

High School

San Fernando, Pampanga (045) 963-2327/05,

(045) 961-4261

Pines City National

High School

Baguio City
Olongapo National

High School

East Bajac-Bajac,

Olongapo City, Zambales

Our Lady of Sacred Heart College Guimba, Nueva Ecija (044) 943-0553,

(044) 611-0026

St. Joseph College Olongapo East Bajac-Bajac,

Olongapo City, Zambales

(047) 223-5486 Telefax, (047) 223-5604
Santa Cruz Institute Santa Cruz, Marinduque
Santiago National

High School

Santiago City, Isabela
Zambales National

High School

Iba, Zambales (047) 811-2826

At the time of this article’s composition, only Pampanga National High School has an upcoming confirmed testing date on October 23, 2010, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  UE is still finalizing the schedules for the other regional testing centers.  Kindly check this site or contact UE in the near future for updates (The school’s contact details are noted below.).

Release of UE Entrance Exam Results

Regardless of where you take the entrance exam, you won’t have to wait too long to know the outcome.  In fact, the Admissions Office will notify you as quickly as 30 to 60 minutes after you take it.  Just take the test, sit back, relax and wait for them to get back to you within the hour.

General UE Exam Coverage and Feedback

The entrance exam is standard issue in the sense that it covers senior year high school major subjects (English, Math, Science, etc.).  Don’t worry—there are no quantum physics questions or killer essays to stress over here.  You’ll be given three hours to complete it.

While it really depends on whom you ask, the general consensus is that the UE exam is manageable enough for applicants.  Don’t rest on your laurels if ever you take it and pass it, though—there’s still a lot of learning ahead of you.

UE Admissions Office Contact Information

Kindly refer to the table below for the contact details of the admissions offices across all three UE campuses:

UE Campus Address Trunkline Direct Line E-mail
Manila 2219

C.M. Recto Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila 1008



loc 398 – 399

(632) 735-85-77 admission@ue.edu.ph
Caloocan 1005 Samson Road, Caloocan City 1400 3674572 or

3674574 or

3674575 or

3674577 or

3674578 or

3674579 or

loc. 160

3674787 admissions_cal@ue.edu.ph
Quezon City


63-68 Barangay Dona Imelda,

Aurora Blvd.

Q.C. 1113


Loc. 7608

713-3315 registrar@uerm.edu.ph



Ms. Susan Aggabao of the UE Manila Admissions Office

Ms. Edith Romero of the UE Marketing Department