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Philippine College Scholarships: U.P. Government Scholarship

In another article, I mentioned the obligations and privileges involved in the University of the Philippines’ Oblation Scholarship.  The good news is that that scholarship isn’t the only option available for incoming U.P. students.

Since U.P is the state university, it makes sense that the Philippine government also has a means of providing financial assistance for deserving scholars.  Let’s take a closer look at the details of the government’s own scholarship.

The Details, in a Nutshell

1. Background:  We have the government’s Republic Act 5549 to thank for this one.  The government scholarship covers nearly any field, but leans more heavily toward certain courses more than others.

This is because the government has decreed that sixty percent of all scholarships must lie in the following:  public administration and economics, fisheries, forestry, agriculture, engineering and the natural and physical sciences.

2. School:  This scholarship applies to the University of the Philippines.

3. Number of Slots:  This will depend on the actual course that the student is interested in, so we can’t really pin an exact number down.

4. Application Process:  As with the Oblation Scholarship, just file your UPCAT application as normal.  There’s no real need to apply for this as your UPCAT ranking, financial status, and course of choice will determine whether you’ll be eligible for this scholarship or not.  Do well enough and the Office of Scholarships may write you after the UPCAT results have been released.

5. Deadlines:  The U.P. Office of Admissions will begin accepting applications during the months of June and July every year.  The deadline falls somewhere during the month of July.

As to the dates when the powers-that-be will release the listing of selected government scholars, expect the announcements to come around (or prior to) the beginning of the initial semester for every academic year.

6. Testing Info/Dates:  The UPCAT for school year 2010-2011 was held last August 1-2.  The exam is usually held on the first week of August every year.

7. Requirements/Documents:  Besides all the usual UPCAT requirements, the university will need a copy of your parents’ most recent income tax return and a U.P. Health Service-signed health certificate.

Do note that only Filipino citizens may avail of this scholarship.

Benefits, Obligations and Then Some

Should you qualify for a U.P. Government Scholarship, know that you’re entitled to a two-thousand-peso monthly stipend (usually good for ten school months, but you’ll still get the stipend if you’re required to take summer classes) and a semesterly book allowance worth the same amount.  All school fees, except for the student fee, are automatically waived.

These don’t come for free, though.  The university will expect you to maintain a GWA of at least 2.5 per academic year.  That means no eyesores like 4.0s, 5.0s or Incompletes.  You must also fulfill non-academic requirements (E.g. CMT, P.E.) within the first three years of your student tenure and avoid doing anything that merits disciplinary action.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you cannot have both this and the Oblation Scholarship running at the same time.

Personal Contact

If there’s anything you need to clear up, feel free to approach the nice folks at the U.P. OSSS (Office of Scholarships and Student Services).  The office is located at room 302, Vinzon’s Hall, University of the Philippines campus, Diliman, Quezon City.

Alternatively, you may also reach them via phone or fax at (02) 928-7228 (look for Mr. Aris), or via e-mail at or