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by Ira on Guide to Writing your ACET Essay

Understanding College Entrance Test Results Besides “Passed”

The late Randy Pausch said “The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out.  They’re there to show us how badly we really want something.  The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.”  Perhaps the same could be said of entrance exam results, too.

Let’s face it:  as much as we’d like to see an unequivocal “PASSED” in big bold letters on our college entrance tests, that doesn’t always happen, in spite of our best efforts.  Even if you should encounter one of the following results, it’s not the end of the world.

Passed…Sort of

Sometimes, we get “conditional” passing results in the form of being waitlisted (aka degree course with available slot in U.P.), placed on pending status, placed on academic placement (UST) or being qualified for a sister campus.

If you should encounter any of these, know that you can still do something to rectify the situation.  Have you been waitlisted?  You may want to take another course in the meantime and then shift to your first course of choice once a slot becomes available.  Got a pending status?  Work out the kinks with the university admissions office and submit any missing documents.

Have you been qualified for a course other than the one you wanted (academic placement) or a sister branch of the university?  There are several things you can do:  you could simply bite the bullet and settle for an alternative program or campus that’s available, or you can try reapplying at your college of choice during the following year.  Another option is to try appealing to school authorities (Please see the Final Advice section below.).

Closed Doors…for Now

If, God forbid, you end up not qualifying for anything at all, then don’t despair.  It could mean that you’re either not meant to attend that university, or you’re not meant to attend it yet.

In that case, you may wish to consider attending another college for now, and then transferring back to your original university of choice after you’ve earned a certain number of units.  The rules and requirements differ from school to school, so be sure to check with the one you’ll be attending in the meantime and the one you’d originally wanted to attend.

Final Advice

Regardless of what results you get, the school you applied to will usually provide you with a list of instructions telling you what your options are and what you need to do next.  Keep calm, clear your mind, read through the instructions and follow them to the letter.

If you think you deserve another chance, then find out if your university accepts applications for reconsideration and then go for it.  Mistakes do happen, and sometimes a perfectly student is denied entry due to human error.  Who knows?  An appeal may be all you need to get school officials to change their minds about you.

In closing, I leave you with this:  it may hurt to not get what you want now, yet someday you’ll be able to look back on the disappointment and see how God worked everything out for the good.  Human hindsight is usually much clearer in that respect, so trust Him and never give up.