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Top Engineering Schools in the Philippines According to Board Exam Passing Rates

There are many types of engineering courses being offered in schools in the Philippines.  However, we have only selected six and came up with a list of top performing schools for each type.  These six engineering courses are Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, and Metallurgical Engineering.


After knowing which schools top each field of Engineering, now, let’s find out which school roars the loudest in the entire Engineering department.  To derive this, the averages of each of the top schools were used.  For those schools with no representatives or no such Engineering course offered, the divisor for averaging was adjusted.  Say, UP-Los Banos.  It does not offer ECE, ME or Metallurgical Engineering; hence, the divisor was 3 instead of 6.


It is important to wit that the only school offering all six Engineering courses and does top each field is the Mindanao State University-Iligan.  If we exclude Metallurgical Engineering as it has only three performing schools, then, the only two top schools offering the remaining five fields and top them are Mindanao State University-Iligan and the University of Santo Tomas.

School Engineering Course Ave
UP-Los Banos 74.95 93.67 NCO 97.83 NCO 88.82
UPD 80.40 96.00 68.27 NCO 97.49 85.54
Central Mindanao Univ NCO 65.71 NCO 69.67 100.00 78.46
MSU-Iligan 62.13 72.76 58.36 92.17 96.75 76.43
CAFT-Tagbilaran NR 62.75 NR 65.50 93.67 73.97
DLSU-Manila 77.99 79.67 46.74 NCO 76.43 70.21
Ateneo de Davao 59.58 62.50 47.28 67.00 94.25 66.12
MSU-Marawi 48.33 59.38 65.75 67.67 86.00 65.43
CPU 66.13 54.22 43.75 70.65 87.50 64.45
UST 47.22 80.66 51.78 58.07 82.49 64.04
Univ of San Carlos 92.80 60.40 28.16 54.83 67.91 60.82
PLM 59.40 81.08 44.97 43.72 68.60 59.55
Divine Word of Calapan NCO 63.46 50.00 NCO NCO 56.73
TUP-Mla NR 75.59 29.55 36.71 60.23 40.42


NCO =   no course offered
NR  =    no representative

** excluding Metallurgical Eng
** schools performing in Meta Eng are: MSU-Iligan, UP-Diliman & Mapua