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Technological Institute of the Philippines Admission and Entrance Exam Basics

Technological advancement is an indelible factor and product of man’s heightened standards of living. It is indicative of a country’s progress and power as it so often contributes to the productivity of its citizens. Knowing the importance of knowledge in this field, a group of educators headed by Engr. Demetrio A. Quirino, Jr. founded the Technological Institute of the Philippines on February 8, 1962.

Since its conception half a century ago, TIP has since grown as a well-known educational institute that caters to different disciplines. It serves as the foundation of fields which are conducive to the maximum economical and technological growth of the Philippines.

TIP Introduction

The Technological Institute of the Philippines was established with the goal of ameliorating the country’s social and economic standards in partnership with the government, among basic goals. The institute’s first campus was built in 1967 along G. Puyat Street, Quiapo, Manila. As its student population grew from 2,400 to 23,000, TIP acquired more properties to adjust to this growth.

Over the years, TIP has acquired sites along P. Casal and Arlegui, where more buildings could be accommodated. A second campus, now comprised of nine buildings, was established in Quezon City in 1983. Along with its physical growth, the institute has also grown in terms of its program offerings, scope, and reputation. Many changes in course offerings were made so as to allow the institute to keep up with the ever-dynamic needs of the Filipino youth.

According to studies made by Academic Clinic (under, TIP shows excellence in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, and Civil Engineering (Quezon City campus). These studies were based on board exam passing rates and rankings given by the PRC, as well as statistics and data provided by CHED.

TIP Admission Requirements

To become eligible for admission, a student must fall under any of the following criteria:

1. Students who have completed Secondary Education in any DepEd-accredited high
school in the Philippines or abroad;

2. Foreign high school graduates;

3. Passers of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT); or

4. Passers of the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

TIP Application Requirements and Procedures

To apply for TIP, a student must submit the following:

1. Original Form 138 (for regular applicants); ALS Examinee Report Form (for ALS passers),
or; PEPT Certificate of Rating;

2. Four pieces of recent 2”x2” picture;

3. Photocopy of NSO birth certificate; and

4. Certificate of Good Moral Character.

There are additional requirements for passers of the ALS and the PEPT, foreign national, graduates of previous years, honor students, Filipino applicants from schools abroad, married female students, and Marine Engineering applicants. View these additional requirements at Upon submitting these requirements, applicants will be asked to fill out forms for Admission and Pre-Registration.

Honor students or those with a GWA of no less than 80% are immediately qualified for admission and need not take the entrance exam. Those who do not qualify for a scholarship or discount under the system must take an entrance exam at the Guidance Center. Marine Engineering applicants must proceed to the school’s Dental and Physical Service for a physical exam.

After taking the exam, proceed to the Registrar’s Office for your admission slip, assessment of fees, and Registration card. You will then pay your fees at the Tellering Section, get your ID from the Office of Student Affairs, and get a Library Card from the library of your campus. You will be given a schedule for orientation at the Guidance and Counseling Center.

TIP Application and Entrance Exam Schedules

The offices of TIP are open on weekdays, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and application may be done anytime prior to the incoming AY. The entrance exam is given immediately upon submission of requirements.

Release of TIP Entrance Exam Results

The results are given immediately, and each degree program in TIP corresponds to its own entrance exam for scholarship purposes.

TIP Entrance Exam Coverage and Feedback

The TIP entrance exam is considered easy, but it is a little different from other entrance exams. Aside from covering the three core high school subjects (English, Mathematics and Science), the exam also covers History. Some students may struggle with History, but it is said that no one fails the entrance exam at TIP. There is no reward for complacency, however, so stay on your toes!

TIP Contact Information

The above information has a broad scope and may change without prior notice. To learn more about TIP and its admission procedures, contact the main Manila campus or the Quezon City campus:


363 P. Casal Street, Quiapo, Manila
Tel. (02) 733-9117 / (02) 733-9142

938 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City
Tels. No. (02) 911-0964 / (02) 912-1573

Sources: (TIP official website) (Academic Clinic website) (TIP Quezon City Freshies AY 2012-2013 Facebook group)