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Taguig Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule 2010

When you’re inquiring about science high school timetables, you can’t help but notice some things that are unique to each institution.  For example, Caloocan Science has two written exams, while Mandaluyong Science asks for two sets of required documents.

The application timetable and requirements of Taguig Science High School (henceforth referred to as TagSci) both have some peculiarities of its own.  Let’s take a closer look at them

Taguig Science High School Application Requirements

The TagSci requirements should be familiar to anyone applying at a science high school.  First of all, students must possess a minimum average of 85 in all major subjects (read: English, Science and Mathematics) and a minimum of 80 in all other subjects.

Besides that, they’ll also need to present a certification of good moral character (again, signed by their grade school principal of guidance counselor), barangay clearance and their birth certificate (preferably the one done by the National Statistics Office).

Here’s the interesting thing: TagSci will also ask you for proof of billing in the form of a Meralco or PLDT bill.  And in case you’re wondering, you don’t necessarily need to be in the upper ten percent of your class (though it’s certainly preferable).

Taguig Science High School Tentative Application Schedule

Oddly enough, the TagSci application schedule is probably the shortest one I’ve encountered for a science high school so far.  The entire process takes a total of three months or less from beginning to end.  There’s a reason for this:  the DepEd wants to give greater leeway to students who don’t make the cut.  The sooner the application period ends, the sooner they can look for an alternative school to apply to.

The application period is expected to start in November 2010, with the deadline of submission of all important documents set for early December 2010 (shortly before the written exam).  The test is likely to fall on the second week of the same month.

Sources haven’t nailed the exact date of the exam yet, as this depends entirely on the DepEd division office.  In any case, don’t worry about the exam—it will only cover material you’ve already studied during your grade school years, so if you’ve been paying attention, then you’re good to go.

The December rush doesn’t stop there, though.  The results will likely be posted shortly after testing day as the estimated date for the face-to-face interview will likely fall on the last week of the same month.  Applicants who pass this last phase will go on to enroll in January.

Contact Details

As is the case with its peers, the complete details of the application schedule and its accompanying requirements should be finalized by either the last week of October 2010 or the first week of November 2010.

It’s highly recommended that you check with the staff over at the Admissions Office.  Just dial (02) 838-1259 and look for Miss Sarah Esperanza.  If you prefer the direct approach, you can always visit the office in person.  It’s located at the C.P. Tinga Sports Complex, Hagonoy, Taguig City.


Ms. Sarah Esperanza of Taguig Science High School Admissions Office/Registrar