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Sun Broadband Quest: Your University Band’s Big Break

Step onto the stage and into the limelight with the Sun Broadband Quest, where broad music styles battle it out to be the Top All-Original University Band of 2013.  If you’re in an unsigned university band with 3-5 members (must be 16-26 years old and at least 2 members must be enrolled in university/college), this might be your big break. Join the battle, showcase and perform your band’s original composition and, who knows, you could end up with a record deal from MCA Universal Records!

Powered by your Consistent, Fast and Reliable internet connection, Sun Broadband, in partnership with MCA Universal, the Sun Broadband Quest is meant to promote original Filipino Music and local talent and help fight piracy as well.

At stake for the winner are amazing prizes that include P150,000.00 cash, the band’s album produced and released by MCA Universal, the band’s very own music video, and paid gigs at events organized/sponsored by Sun and MCA Universal. The top 10 finalists will also get to experience one whole day of professional coaching at the Broadband Quest Workshop featuring top MCA Universal artists.

The key to your quest for fame is the Sun Broadband [E]ntertainment Stick, which gives Sun Broadband subscribers access to their favorite music and artists every month for free. To begin your Sun Broadband Quest and your journey to becoming the Top All-Original University Band of 2013:

  1. Purchase a SUN BROADBAND [E]ntertainment Stick, Sun Broadband Prepaid SIM or any Sun Broadband Postpaid Plan (only one per band required).
  2. Go to and register your band using your Sun Broadband number.
  3. Then upload one (1) video recording of your band’s all-original song and one (1) video recording of a cover version of any song by any band of your choice (as long as the genre is not heavy metal).

Note that your video entries must be in by June 15, 2013. The Top 10 Finalists will be announced on June 22, 2013 and the Grand Finals will be held on July 12, 2013.

For more information on the Sun Broadband Quest for the Top All-Original University Band of 2013, visit To get the latest contest updates, visit and follow Sun Broadband on Facebook.



This is a sponsored post. Academic-Clinic is being paid to write this story. Even so, please note that we agreed to publish this sponsored post because we believe it offers value, especially to college / university students who dream of music stardom.