Hayy, tuwang-tuwa po ako sa website nyo. Laking tulong sa pag-take ng entrance tests. :D Tuloy nyo lang po yan, marami po kayong natutulungan sa paghahanda sa college. Myself included. ;)

by Abbie Escarilla on www.facebook.com/academic.clinic

People Pictures Pretty Please

Got pictures of you and your buddies taking the UPCAT, ACET, USTET, DLSUCET, Pisay NCE, Ateneo High School Test, or any other college / high school entrance test? Get them featured at Academic-Clinic.com. We’re soliciting!

If you have a wacky, funny, silly, or just plain pleasant pictures of you and your friends when you took a college entrance exam or a science high school test, please send them to us. We will use them in our blog posts to color Academic-Clinic.Com up. As you can see, we’re a bit short on images. Why don’t you help us out?

Just tell us where and when the pictures were taken, the title of the posts you want them to go with, your name, your school, and your contact details. If the posts you wanted your pictures to appear in have already been assigned other images, we’ll just find other suitable posts for them.

Just remember to ask for the permission of everyone in the picture. That’s standard rule for any image published in a publicly available website, so do bear with us.

So get posing or picture hunting. We’re ready for them. Send your pictures to admin@academic-clinic.com now!

Some Help Needed

If you are:

  • A graduate or a student of UP, Ateneo, De La Salle, UST, Mapua, or any other college / university in the Philippines
  • A graduate or a student of Ateneo High School, Philippine Science, Manila Science, Quezon City Science, Makati Science, Marikina Science, and any other high school (especially a science high school) in the country
  • An administrator, staff or faculty member of any of the aforementioned colleges/universities/high school or any other institution not mentioned

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