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Philippine Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program (SEGEAP)

While most scholarships and grants aren’t restricted to specific groups of people, there are times when the government will extend financial assistance to certain communities who may need some special attention—ethnic groups, for instance.

Now members who belong to cultural minorities can enjoy the benefits of education and strut their stuff along with the rest of the academic community.  The Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program, (SEGEAP for short) is the scholarship tailored just for them.

Scholarship Details

1. Background:

This scholarship program is open to all incoming college freshmen of selected private and public colleges (referred to as Higher Education Institutions or HEIs.) who are also members of the ethnic groups known as the “hill tribes.”

Basically, this program targets financially challenged students who belong to ethnic minority groups, yet who possess high academic rankings and leadership potential.  Just like its fellow scholarships, the SEGEAP only covers priority courses of the aforementioned HEIs (Kindly refer to CHED’s listing on this webpage for a list of participating ones.).

2. Qualifications:

Despite the program’s name, simply being a member of a “hill tribe” is not enough.  Applicants must also meet the following criteria:

  • Their rank places them in the upper 15% of their senior year high school class
  • Their parents or legal guardians have a gross income not exceeding 120,000 pesos per year
  • They are no older than 25 years at the time of their application.

3. Necessary Paperwork:

The required documents for this program are very similar to that of other CHED scholarships, with one notable exception:

  • Certification of the applicant’s good health as prepared by a government physician
  • Certification of applicant’s good moral character, as attested to by the student’s high school principal
  • Certification of the applicant’s senior year class ranking, also prepared by the same principal
  • The most recent BIR Income Tax Return of the applicant’s parents or legal guardians
  • Certification of tribe membership as prepared by the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP)

4. Procedure:

Applying for the SEGEAP is basically the same as applying for other CHED-related scholarships.  Simply obtain an application form from the nearest CHED regional office (CHEDRO) and fill it up completely.

After accomplishing the form, submit it along with the other important documents outlined above to the very same CHEDRO that gave the form to you, then sit back and await word of the results.

Benefits and CHED Contact Details

SEGEAP benefits look practically identical to those of the SSP:  namely:  tuition coverage (miscellaneous fees and other school fees excluded), a 250-peso book allowance and a 2,000-peso stipend.

That’s practically everything you need to know about the SEGEAP.  If you have any questions or concerns about it, though, simply e-mail CHED at info@ched.gov.ph or call any of its numbers below:

  • (02) 426-9865
  • (02) 441-0750
  • (02) 441-0879
  • (02) 441-0927
  • (02) 441-0985
  • (02) 441-1030
  • (02) 441-1192
  • (02) 441-1224
  • (02) 441-1231
  • (02) 441-1254
  • (02) 441-1256-57
  • (02) 441-1369
  • (02) 441-1405
  • (02) 743-3220