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by Rebecca Marie Reyes on

Philippine Science High Schools’ Culture and Campus Life

It’s true what they say about Science High Schools: they offer an experience that no other institution can. Enrollees study under a lifestyle and culture that’s part of the signature and the image of any Science High School. In fact, a considerable number of applicants go to Science High Schools not just for the excellence that they cultivate, but also for the ideals and ways of life that thrive there.

Liberalism Lives

Science High Schools have been dubbed “Little UP’s” to show how similar they are to the premiere state university, as well as to imply that students are groomed in that direction. Part of it also describes the liberal environment, which often gives culture shock to many new students, particularly those from conservative private schools.

One of the unique things about Science High Schools is that they’re a lot less strict about rules and decorum than typical public high schools. Students are free to speak their mind, question a teacher’s statements and try different forms of self-expression. Members of the faculty and administration concede that Science High School students have more to say than most other kids, and so give them a freer rein.

Curiosity is also welcomed in the Science High School environment. In fact, it’s a trait that teachers are supposed to encourage as part of the schools’ mission-vision to cultivate the next generation of scientists and researchers.

The Constant Competition

Of course, competition is a natural consequence of having so much talent in such close proximity with each other. It’s common for students, especially those in the same section, to vie for the same honors and rankings. Many students in Science High Schools are very grade-conscious, and will go to great lengths to get a mark that’s even one notch higher.

It’s a common misconception that every single Science High School student performs very well academically. Even within the elite ranks of admitted students, some still do better than others in certain fields. In fact, there are even students who tend to specialize in just one area, doing poorly in all the others.

Teachers and administrators welcome the competitive spirit that often flares up in the Science High School environment. It’s an excellent motivation for others to perform, and it’s often expressed by comparing grades or going to tournaments – never violent.

A Complete Collection

Whereas the typical high school usually contains a fairly homogeneous student populace, the Science High Schools are host to the entire gamut of backgrounds and personalities. A good number of students come from far away, and so have to get on-campus housing. Stay-in students make up a large part of the student population in many campuses.

Science High Schools see a cross-section of the whole socioeconomic pyramid. Almost every level from the impoverished to the very wealthy are represented in Science High Schools, a unique mix in a secondary institution. Some students live in abject poverty, while statesmen and scions also regularly send their children to Science High Schools.

To be sure, any Science High School offers a learning environment that’s far from the ordinary. A more communicative faculty, competitive contemporaries and a very liberal status quo make up the multi-faceted and truly unique culture of a Science High School.