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Philippine College Scholarships: Presidential Scholarship and Leadership Grants of the University of the Philippines

When you think of the Association of South East Asian Nations, what usually comes to mind?  Policies?  Economic progress?  Peaceful discussions?  All of these are right and true, yes it’s easy to forget that the ASEAN also stands for social and cultural development as well.

In fact, what better way to celebrate the latter than by having the nationals of ASEAN member countries enjoy special academic privileges?  Enter the Presidential Scholarship and Leadership Grants of the University of the Philippines.

The Details in a Nutshell

1.  Background:  Since the Philippines is an ASEAN member, it’s only fitting that the state university offer these two interesting scholarship grants to prospective students of any degree program.  The two scholarships differ in terms of benefits, educational level offerings and GWA criteria, as you will see below.

2.  School:  This scholarship applies to the University of the Philippines and its constituent institutions.

3.  Number of Slots:  This one will depend on which grant you’re getting and which educational level you’re talking about.  For instance, the Presidential Scholarship Grant has 145 slots for undergraduate students only (It’s currently not being offered for the M.A. and PhD levels).  The Presidential Leadership Grant has only ten slots for undergrads and three slots for masteral students.

4.  Application Process:  Applying is as simple as getting your application form from the Office of Scholarships and Student Services, filling it up and sending it in along with the necessary documents (see below).  From thereon, it’s up to the University Committee on Scholarships and Financial Assistance to choose who makes the list based on several factors (region, financial status, course, GWA, etc.).

5.  Deadlines:  All deadlines for the regular UPCAT application apply.  The university usually begins advertising the availability of grant slots and accepting applications as early as February of the school year.  The deadline for submission of all requirements tends to fall around April 30 of that same year.

6.  Testing Info/Dates:  As with the U.P. Oblation and Government Scholarships, the same UPCAT dates apply.  That is, the UPCAT is held during the first week of August every year.  For more info, please consult this website.

7.  Requirements/Documents:  The University will need your transcript of academic records, your parents’ income tax letter and an affidavit of support from your parent or guardian vouching for your good moral character.

Benefits, Obligations and Then Some

Power has its price; grants have theirs as well.  Recipients of the Presidential Scholarship Grant must start off with a GWA of at least 1.75 and maintain at least a 2.0 GWA all throughout their academic tenure.  Leadership Grant recipients are given a tad more leeway:  they need to start off with a GWA of 2.75 and maintain that all the way through.

The good news is that recipients of both grants will have all school fees waived (again, except for the student fund) for their trouble.  They’ll also enjoy monthly stipends (2000 pesos for both) and allowances on their books (2500 pesos per semester for Presidential Scholarship, 3500 pesos per semester for Leadership), theses (5000 pesos) and dissertations (10,000 pesos).

Personal Contact

It’s especially important that you ask for the latest updates regarding these two grants, as the details tend to change with the passing of time.  Feel free to approach the helpful folks at the U.P. Office of Scholarships and Student Services.  The office is located at room 302, Vinzon’s Hall, University of the Philippines campus, Diliman, Quezon City.

You may also reach them via phone or fax at (02) 928-7228 (look for Mr. Aris), or via e-mail at or