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Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Application and Entrance Exam Basics

One of the advantages of enrolling in a large university is that you get a lot of choices—choices of which campus to apply to, for instance.  These days, it’s not uncommon to see various courses spread out across different university branches.

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a prime example of this.  Despite the staggering amount of branches it has, the school seems to lean less toward manual registration and more toward online application.  Read on for more information.


PUP Introduction


Interestingly enough, the university was known as the Manila Business School way back in 1904.  It has since undergone a number of changes until Presidential Decree Number 1341 transformed it into its current incarnation back in 1978.

These days, the learning institution engages in applied research—especially in the fields of business administration, communications technology, information and commerce.  It boasts of being the largest university with respect to student population in its six campuses, two branches and ten extension campuses.


PUP Admission Qualifications


To qualify, aspiring PUP students must meet either of the following criteria:

1. They must be graduating seniors with a minimum GA of 82% in their first three years of secondary schooling. OR they must be high school graduates with the same minimum GA requirement stated above (including their senior year), and they must not have enrolled in any diploma or degree program upon application.

2. They must possess good moral character.

PUP Enrolment Requirements

After passing PUPCET, applicants must present the following:

  • Form 138 (their high school report card)
  • A certified true copy of the applicants’ NSO Birth Certificate
  • A Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by their guidance counselor or school principal
  • The results of their chest X-ray (with film)
  • Medical Clearance issued by the PUP medical clinic
  • 2 x 2 ID photo with a white background and the applicants’ name written on it

PUP Application Process


Though application may be done manually, PUP encourages students to apply online via its iApply system.  Go to this webpage, fill up the form, verify the data you’ve inputted, and finish up.  Make sure to print out the payment voucher and note the reference number, as you’ll need both of them later.  Check your e-mail for confirmation (For a more detailed explanation of the process, please take a look at this.).

The next step is to pay the 500-peso registration fee via any Landbank branch.  Fill up the bank’s deposit slips in triplicate and present the payment voucher with your payment.  After that, wait about 3 working then days, go to the Admission and Registration Office of the PUP branch you applied to and claim your test permit there.

Make you have these items along with you when you visit the PUP campus:

  • Your copy of the printed payment voucher (as signed by you)
  • A validated duplicate copy of the LANDBANK branch’s deposit slip
  • The original copy or a certified true copy of your Form 138 with the school’s dry seal (This is for high school graduates who have not enrolled in any program right after they graduated from high school.)
  • A duly authenticated copy of the PEPT/ALS A&E Test Certificate of Rating, certified by the DepEd-BALS
  • Your school ID (if you are a currently enrolled students) or any valid ID with picture (for previous high school graduates)
  • Presentable attire for picture taking

The Admission Officer will validate your application in their records.  Have your picture taken and obtain your exam permit from the same officer.  Double check your picture and test permit for information errors.  If there are any, have a word with the Admission Officer.  If everything checks out, you’re good to go.

PUP Entrance Exam Schedule

The PUPCET is administered in batches.  Exam schedules differ depending on whether the students apply manually or electronically.

Start of Application:  Sep 1, 2011

PUPCET Batch 1:  Jan 29, 2012

PUPCET Batch 2:  Feb 19, 2012

Applications are ongoing as of the time of this article’s writing.  Most deadlines for payments and test permit issuance fall on different months within the first few months of 2011 (the exact date depends on the campus), so kindly check the complete schedule details here and plan accordingly.

PUP Provincial Application/Testing Process

There’s practically no difference between the provincial application process and the NCR application process (The school encourages online application, anyway, so it’s a moot point.).  Only the venues for the test and the claiming of permits differ—these will depend on the applicant’s choice of campus.


Release of PUP Entrance Exam Results

PUP releases exam results approximately a month after testing.  Applicants will receive mail from the school complete with instructions for the succeeding steps.  They may also check the official website or the bulletin boards of PUP campuses (the same ones where they took the exam) for results.

General PUP Exam Coverage and Feedback

The PUPCET consists of general information and subjects you’ve taken in high school.  Expect to encounter standard categories like Verbal Reasoning in English and Filipino, Science, Numerical Ability (Math) and Nonverbal or Abstract Reasoning.  There are reportedly questions on current events, too.

The general feedback from former test-takers is that the exam isn’t extremely difficult.  The abstract reasoning might give some people trouble, yet it’s still manageable.  The more difficult thing to watch out for is the amount of time you’re given.  Pray, focus, manage your time well and you should do fine.

After the entrance exam, passing students will go for interviews conducted by the chairpersons of their chosen course.  Aptitude exams may also be given depending on the program in question (E.g. drawing tests for the interior design course).

PUP Admissions Office Contact Information


The information I’ve mentioned above may change depending on circumstances, so it helps to keep the communication lines with school staff members open.  If you have any questions about the admissions process, kindly call (632) 716-78-35 to 45, local 287. E-mail goes to pupwebsite@live.com or pupictcenter@live.com.



Ms. Aiko of the PUP admissions office

Ms. Concina of the PUP admissions office