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Philippine Normal University Admission and Entrance Exam Basics

By:  Janina Denise Torralba

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” Being the primary agents of knowledge, teachers just might have more influence on people than any other figure of society. This is why teachers are always highly valued and in demand, factors recognized by the Philippine Normal University.

PNU has long held the legacy of going far above and beyond its duty of educating the youth by producing professionals in the field of education. It holds the distinction of being funded and operated as a National Center for Teacher Education in the country under Republic Act 9647.

PNU Introduction

The main campus of the university stands mere meters away from the National Museum and Manila City Hall. It was first known as the Philippine Normal School upon its creation on January 21, 1901 by Americans through Article 74 of the Philippine Commission. It was inaugurated on September 1 of that year as an institution for the training of teachers. As it expanded to more campuses, it became the Philippine Normal College (1949) and eventually, the Philippine Normal University on December 26, 1991.

Over the years, PNU has been more than a training ground for aspiring educators. Multiple revisions of the curriculum and additions to the roster of education-related academic programs have paved the way to the university’s greatness. It has been designated as the Curriculum Development Center for Communication Arts and a Center for Excellence in Teacher Education in NCR, among others. After more than a century of producing high-caliber educators, PNU continues to revolutionize its methods to remain a respected name in the field of education.

According to studies made by Academic Clinic (under, PNU shows excellence in Elementary and Secondary Education. These studies were based on board exam passing rates and rankings given by the PRC, as well as statistics and data provided by CHED.

PNU Admission Qualifications

To become eligible for admission into PNU, a student must fall under any of the following criteria:

  1. High school graduates from any DepEd-accredited school in the Philippines (with no marks lower than 80 in any subject during the final year of high school); or
  2. Foreign high school graduates (with a computed grade point average of no less than B or 85 on the PNU grading system).

PNU Application Requirements and Procedures

Prior to taking the PNUAT, the following materials must be submitted:

  1. Form 138;
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character;
  3. Birth certificate;
  4. Two copies of a recent 1”x1” photo;
  5. PNUAT application form (downloadable at; and
  6. PhP350.00 testing fee.

For foreign applicants, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. Formal letter of application seeking admission into the PNU, to be addressed to the University President;
  2. Student visa;
  3. Authenticated Form 138;
  4. Authenticated Police Clearance from country of origin;
  5. Personal History Statement;
  6. Two copies of a recent 1”x1” photo;
  7. PNUAT application form (downloadable at; and
  8. Testing fee.

Proceed to the Office of Students Admission to be given further instructions.

PNU Application and Entrance Exam Schedules

The PNU Admission Test is issued in different, separate months throughout the academic year prior to the applicant’s entry. There is no pattern for the dates, but there are usually four. Due to the random nature of the PNUAT, the dates for application may also vary. Deadline for submitting requirements is around a week to three days before the desired testing date. PNU’s offices are open on weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Visit PNU’s website or call their Office of Students Admission to get updates about the testing dates.

PNU Provincial Testing Centers and Schedules

PNU has satellite campuses in Agusan del Sur, Cadiz, Isabela, and Quezon. Contact PNU’s Office of Students Admission for details on testing at these campuses.

Release of PNUAT Results

Check the PNU website sometime after your testing date (under the Admissions tab) to see if the results have been released. Again, due to the random nature of the PNUAT, there is no specific date of release for the results of the entrance test.

PNUAT Coverage and Feedback

The PNUAT consists of items in English, Mathematics, and Science. There is a special part in which you will be asked to imagine yourself in a situation as a teacher and then decide what course of action to take in said situation. As PNU’s forte is the rearing of teachers, it is important to answer the test judiciously. Don’t think of your area of specialization while taking the test; use your knowledge well in all parts of the exam and remember to say a prayer.

PNU Contact Details

The information given in this article is on a general basis and may change without prior notice. For more details and updates about PNU’s admission policies, you may contact the Office of Students Admission at (+632) 527-0376.

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