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A Guide for Philippine Science Exam Passers

There seems to be something in all of us that would rather not wait for something we really want. Waiting, however, sweetens the experience—especially if that experience involves entrance exam results.

Speaking of which, the staff members of Philippine Science High School (PhiSci) have already released the results of last year’s entrance exams for school year 2010-2011. Here’s a little guide on what to do about it and on what to do after that.

The Philippine Science Results Themselves

The Internet Age has inspired schools to establish their online presence, and PhiSci is no exception. To check if you’ve passed the entrance test, simply visit this webpage, enter your surname in the field provided for and click on “submit.” It will then take you to a page with details on your full name, your school name and location, and the specific PhiSci campus you’re eligible to enroll in.

Once you’ve confirmed that your name is indeed on the list, the next thing you need to do is to be patient and to play the waiting game. As with other learning institutions out there, PhiSci won’t let you confirm your enrolment straight away. Instead, you’ll be asked to wait for a confirmation letter to arrive at your residence.

Philippine Science Exam Passers: Confirmation and Enrolment

Basically, the confirmation letter will contain all the information you need to know with respect to confirmation enrolment—steps, nitty-gritty details, deadliest deadlines, you name it. (Please note that PhiSci doesn’t plan to post the instructions online, so the letter is currently the only way to go).

After you receive it, simply follow the directions to officially confirm your slot before the indicated deadline, or else your enrollment slot will be given to someone else. Once that’s out of the way, PhiSci will present you with an enrollment kit for you to accomplish.

The kit will contain all the paperwork you’ll need for officially completing your registration. Just fill up all the documents and send them in by the deadline (also indicated in the confirmation letter) and you’re set.

PhiSci staff members estimate that the letter should arrive sometime during the first or second week of February 2010. If you wish to pick it up at the school itself, you may do so. Simply inform the school officials beforehand. The official period for enrolment confirmation will commence sometime in May 2010.

Communication Lines (to Philippine Science High School)

If you have any questions about the screening procedure, feel free to get in touch with the helpful folks at PhiSci. Metro Manila residents who have questions about pre-exam applications may dial 926-5701 and look for Ms. Ruth. For questions on post-exam enrolment confirmation, call Ms. Diaz at the Registrar’s office at 924-0614.

If you’re not a Manila resident, however, please visit this webpage for a listing of the different campuses, complete with their respective phone numbers and addresses. Kindly note that the specific instructions for confirmation enrolment may vary slightly from campus to campus, so it won’t hurt to check with the school officials of the branch you’re eligible for.

Ms. Ruth of the PhiSci Admissions Office
Ms Diaz of the PhiSci Registrar’s Office