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With the help of God, my parents, my school and @acadclinic , I've earned the title of "Iskolar ng Bayan." :)

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FEU Graduate Studies Tuition Discount

FEU Graduate Studies Tuition Discount

Scholarship Background

Graduate studies tuition discount is awarded to applicants who are either alumni, professionals (school guidance counselor, nurses and teachers) or government employees.

Scholarship Benefits

-25% discount on basic tuition for alumni
-50% discount on basic tuition for government employees, school guidance counselor, nurses and teachers
-75% discount on basic tuition for public school teachers
-Can be enjoyed on the identified semester only

Scholarship Qualifications

-Must enroll at least 6 units in a semester
-Alumni: valid alumni ID
-Profession-based and government employee: regular, fulltime employee

Scholarship Requirements

-Original certificate of employment
-Photocopy of transcript of records
-Photocopy of COR
-Photocopy of FEU alumni ID for alumni

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
October 24, 2014 none to be announced by the FEU Admissions and Financial Assistance Office

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none

Philippine College Scholarships: Panasonic Graduate Scholarship Program

Panasonic Group is a popular electrical and electronic manufacturer in the world. They established the scholarship in 1998 to provide scholarship opportunities to Asian students to pursue a Master Course in Japan.

Courses Covered:  Panasonic scholarship program is offered to students who major in any of the science, technology and engineering fields

* Science Courses

* Technology Courses

* Engineering Courses

Countries Covered: Applicants should be citizens of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and India.

Number Of Scholarship Slots:  26

Scholarship Benefits

Scholars will be provided..

* A one-way economy-class air ticket

* 3 years scholarship in Japan

* Application fee and Entrance fee of Y100, 000

A. As a research student of Graduate School, Scholars will receive…

* Basic scholarship of Y150, 000 per month

* Tuition Assistance of Y200, 000 each half year

B. As a Master Course student, Scholars will receive…

* Basic scholarship of Y180, 000 per month

* Maximum of Y250, 000 for Entrance fee exam

* Tuition Assistance of Y250, 000 each half year

Reminder:  Panasonic Scholarship WILL NOT bear the expenses related to the acquisition of passport, visa, admission approval, reservation of accommodation, alien registration and the subscription of medical Insurance.


* A citizen of countries included in the list

* completed 16 years of school education

* Willing to master and understand the Japanese language and culture

* Medically fit

* have a Student Visa

Note that applicants who are recipients of other scholarships or who are already enrolled at Graduate School in Japan are NOT QUALIFIED for the Panasonic scholarship.

Requirements:  Potential grantees must submit the following documents…

* Application form

* Recent Medical Report

* 3 copies of recent photographs taken in last 6 months

SIZE: 4×3 cm – upper part of the body from the front With head uncovered

* Original university transcript

* Learning History/ Master Plan of Japanese

* Letter of Recommendation from the Academic adviser of the university the applicant graduated from

Application form can be downloaded at http://www.panasonic.com.ph/ScholarshipApplication/ .

Obligations of the Scholar

* required to follow Panasonic Scholarship’s rules and instructions given by the Panasonic Office

* Scholars should finish application enrollment as a Research Student within 2012

* obtain an informal consent from the adviser

* required to reach N4 or above in Japanese Language Proficiency Exam

* should enroll in Graduate school as a research student in April 2013 then enroll in a Master Course in 2014 and complete master degree in 2016

* submit necessary documents such as Monthly Report, Japanese Language Progress Report, Notice of informal consent and Notice of Admission WITHOUT DELAY

Panasonic has the right to suspend or terminate a scholar if the scholar makes a violation. They have also the right to claim a partial or full refund of entrance and tuition fee assistance if a serious violation is done by the scholars. They will not return the documents submitted under any circumstances.

Scholarship Application:  Applicants may send their application to Panasonic Scholarship Offices. Complete the necessary requirements, pass the exams and do the required tasks. The deadline for submission of application together with the required documents is on April 27, 2012.  If some points are not clear, you may visit, contact or send an inquiry. Do contact..

Ms. Jennie Garcia

Panasonic Manufacturing Phil. Corp.

Panasonic Scholarship Office-Phil.

HR Department

Ortigas Avenue, Rizal

(02)635-2260 locals 2810-2815



Philippine College Scholarships: Gokongwei Brothers Foundation Scholarship

“It is through programs like the GBF Scholarship for Excellence that we are able to equip the country’s most promising students with the tools to achieve their dreams, and allow them to become future leaders who can change things for the better,”

Mr.John Gokongwei, the founder of JG Summit Holdings, Inc.

Courses Covered:   Engineering Courses

Number Of Scholarship Slots:  50

Schools Covered:

Potential grantees will have the opportunity to study to the following top universities…

* University of the Philippines – Diliman

* Polytechnic University of the Philippines

* Technological University of the Philippines-NCR

* Batangas State University

* Bulacan State University

* University of San Carlos-Cebu

* Technological University- Cebu

* University of Negros Occidental-Bacolod

* University of San Agustin-Iloilo

* University of Southeastern Philippines-Davao.


They will reward a lump sum amount per academic year for 1st year up to the 5th year. In return, they should maintain their academic standings.


GBF offers scholarships grants for outstanding students who…

* belong to the Top 10% of their High School Batch

* belong to the less privileged graduating students


Interested applicants may download the needed requirements such as Application Forms and Essay Form at http://www.jgsummit.com.ph/gbfsfe/


Applicants must send their application and an essay on why they deserve the scholarship from the foundation at…

Mark Anthony Canios
41/F Robinsons Equitable Tower
ADB Avenue, Pasig City

For more questions about the scholarship, you can contact…


633-7631 locals 393 or 355

09228514319 and09228985970.

Philippine College Scholarships: The Asian Institute of Tourism Scholarship

A lot of the scholarships we know of tend to favor freshmen, yet there are grants out there specifically for students of higher levels.  For those of you who are majoring in Tourism, the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) offers financial assistance for deserving juniors and seniors via its scholarship of the same name (the AITS).

Scholarship Details

If Tourism is your cup of tea, then the AIT is the place to visit.  It bears the distinction of being the first school to offer a four-year Tourism course in South East Asia.  The institute’s mission vision involves promoting tourism, training the industry leaders of tomorrow and creating the necessary environment where both can take place.

Its scholarship is granted to four students—two Filipinos and two foreign students—who are in their third or fourth year of the BS Tourism program.  For the most part, privileges for both parties are the same.  Grantees receive a book allowance of 350 pesos per semester.  All school fees are waived.

The only real difference between Filipino and foreign students lies in their living allowance:  the former receive 800 pesos a month while the latter receive 1,500 pesos a month.


Aspiring grantees must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be BS Tourism majors in their junior or senior year.
  • The Filipino applicants’ parents’ gross annual income most not exceed 100,000 pesos.
  • They need to have obtained a minimum general weighted of 2.00, with none of the following grades or conditions in the semester prior to their application:
    • 5.00
    • unremoved status
    • 4.00
    • Incomplete
  • They must not be a recipient of any other scholarship grant.

Necessary Documents

The Asian Institute of Tourism asks potential grantees for the following paperwork:

  • the true copy of their grades
  • a fully accomplished application form
  • their parents’ income tax return for the previous year

Grantee Responsibilities

The qualifications of this grant are also its obligations:  the institute expects scholars to earn a minimum average of 2.00 every semester, with no grade of 4.00, 5.00, “Incomplete” or “Unremoved” in order to renew their scholarship.

Application Procedure

The first step is to secure the application form in person.  You may get this from one of two sources:  the Office of Scholarships and Student Services in Vinzons Hall of UP Diliman or the Office of the Institute Secretary located in the AIT Building along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.  Kindly go here for directions to the latter venue.

Complete the form and submit it and all other necessary documents to the UP Diliman Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS).  The OSSS will take care of preliminary screening while the AIT Admissions and Scholarships Committee will make the final decisions.  The latter may make use of such screening tools as essay exams and face-to-face interviews.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about the grant, feel free to contact the institute at (632) 922-3894, (632) 928-3327 or (632) 981-8500 local 2796, 2799 or 2800.  E-mail goes to asianinstituteoftourism@gmail.com, dean.ait@up.edu.ph or ois.ait@up.edu.ph.





Philippine College Scholarships: TIP Quirino Scholarships

It would seem that the only constant applies to scholarship grants as well.  Two cases that come to mind are the President Elpidio Quirino Scholarship Grant and the Secretary Guillermo de Vega Scholarship Grant, both of which are now defunct.

Not to worry, though:  The Engineer Demeterio A. Quirino, Jr.  Scholarship and the Doctor Teresita U. Quirino Scholarship (henceforth referred to as Demetrio and Teresita, respectively) are still very much around to meet the financial needs of students at the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP).

The Details in a Nutshell

1.  Background:  Both the Demetrio and Teresita grants could be considered mirror images of each other.  The qualifications, requirements and privileges are comparable, with the main difference being the number of slots involved and the courses applicable to each (please see below).

2.  School:  This scholarship applies to the applicants of any branch of the Technological Institute of the Philippines.

3.  Number of Slots:  Demetrio offers a total of 36 slots spread out among nine different courses:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Marine Transportation (Manila only)
  • Marine Engineering
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Sanitary Engineering

Teresita has a more focused scope:  only eight students, four from accountancy and four from Education (Quezon City only).

4.  Application Process:  Simply download the application form here, fill it up and submit it along with the other needed documents to the Office of the Registrar at TIP.  The folks there will tell you what to do next.

5.  Deadlines:  The requirements and documents for either scholarship grant must be in at least one day before the day of the competitive exam.  For 2009, the deadliest deadline was April 27 in Demetrio’s case and April 24 in Teresita’s.

6.  Testing Info/Dates:  The exams are usually held on a Saturday around April.  As of the time of this writing, they were held last April 18, 2009 for Demetrio and April 25, 2009 for Teresita.

7. Requirements/Documents:  Qualifying for either scholarship is tricky.  You need to belong to the top 20 graduates of your high school batch (duly certified by your principal).  You must also boast a minimum General Average of 85% in your high school senior year, with no eyesores lower than 83 in any subject.  Avoid taking any course in college before you proceed with TIP’s exam, too.

Besides having those, TIP will also ask you for a couple of pictures of your mug (2 x 2 size), certification of your ranking and a certified copy of your grades or a copy of Form 138 (your high school report card).

Benefits and Obligations

The two grants are virtually identical in terms of benefits.  You’ll be automatically excused from paying all fees during your academic tenure.  What’s more, you’ll also enjoy the use of free textbooks, a couple of free school uniforms and one P.E. uniform (each being one-time gifts) and a 15,000 peso stipend per semester.

It’s not all fun and games, though.  Make sure to maintain a minimum GPA of 1.75 (with nothing lower than 2.25 in any subject) every semester and behave or else you’ll forfeit these privileges.

Personal Contact

It’s natural to have questions about these two scholarship grants.  Don’t just keep them to yourself—direct them toward the nice folks at the university.  You’ll find the Manila campus at 363 P. Casal Street and 1338 Arlegui Street, both along Quiapo.  Likewise, the Quezon City campus is located along 938 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao.

If you’d rather get in touch with them by phone, call the TIP Manila at 733-9117, 736-2580 or 736-4208 and TIP Quezon City at 911-0148, 911-7199, 911-0140, 911-0964 or 9121539.