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UPCAT Review Options

In some cases, an UPCAT review may just be the deciding factor whether you get admitted into the University of the Philippines or not.  In such cases, it pays to know what your options are regarding reviews for UPCAT.

 1.  UPCAT Review Center:  the usual option is to enroll in an UPCAT review center.  Aside from providing a structured format for preparing for the UPCAT through traditional classroom lectures, mock exams, quizzes and review modules, these UPCAT review centers may also provide invaluable information like exam taking tips, application tips and career seminars.  To see our list of UPCAT Review Centers, click here.

 2.  Online UPCAT Reviews:  the recent years have shown the growing acceptance of an alternative mode of reviewing for the UPCAT – the Online UPCAT review.  This UPCAT review alternative will offer you much of the options in a traditional UPCAT review such as sample exams, reviewers, solution sets and more like video lectures, help forums, etc.

 Although this type of UPCAT review will not give you the face to face learning advantage of traditional UPCAT reviews and tangible review materials, it compensates for it by preparing you for the UPCAT in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.  You just have to be disciplined enough to follow the program to its end.

Many Review Centers are already offering online UPCAT review programs. We also have Free UPCAT Reviewers and Sample Quizzes here on our site.

 3.  Free UPCAT Reviews:  some UP student organizations conduct free UPCAT reviews yearly.  Most of these reviews are held in provinces where these provincial student orgs are based.  We have compiled a list of such free UPCAT reviews in our academic website which can be found here.

 The benefit of these free UPCAT review is the fact that those who will be handling the review proper are UP students.  This means that you’ll have an updated and practical source of advice and registration regarding the UPCAT.  Moreoever, these student organizations have a more hands on and personal approach when it comes to conducting their free UPCAT reviews.

 The downside of this option is that the UPCAT review materials and lecture materials might not be as complete as you prefer them to be – the reviews being free and the student organization having limited funds.  The review proper might also be substantially shorter than the paid UPCAT reviews.

 4.  UPCAT Self Review:  Due to limited finances or time constraints, a number of UPCAT takers opt for self review.  This method of reviewing for the UPCAT depends largely on the student’s discipline for it to suceed.  Given the right resources though, of which there are many online, a student can find this type of UPCAT review as effective or even more so than the traditional reviews.

 Here is a list of what you’ll need for an UPCAT self review:

 A.  UPCAT Tips:  remember that even before the UPCAT day, 40% of your final score is already computed from your high school grades and a large percentage of the probability of you getting into the University of the Philippines is already dependent on what you’ve written in your application papers – choice of college and course.  This makes getting your hands on UPCAT tips of paramount importance.

More Reading:  101 UPCAT tips on Facebook

 B.  UPCAT Coverage:  knowing the coverage of the UPCAT is already half the battle.  This means that you can focus your efforts on studying subjects that have a large probability of appearing on the UPCAT.  Read our post about UPCAT Coverage here.

 C.  UPCAT Review Modules:  Practice is the key to passing the UPCAT and the best way to practice is to answer sample UPCAT exams.  This lessens your chance of having mental block during the actual exam, helps you solve problems quicker and exposes you to the different subject matters that may appear in the UPCAT.  Download our Free UPCAT Readings and Modules here.

 D.  Answer keys and Solution Sets:  of course, the above will not help much if you dont have an answer key and solution set for the presented problems.  With these, you can see how each problem is solved and what techniques are employed in solving them.

 So choose among the options on what type of UPCAT review is best for you.  You can even combine some of them to increase your chances of passing the UPCAT even more.

Online UPCAT Review Scholarship from Review Masters



OUR Scholarship – The Sure Way!

by Review Masters, the Philippines’ first Online UPCAT Review (OUR) provider


Vision: Creating equal opportunities for all students!


“Celebrating 10 Years of Helping Filipino Students from All Walks of Life”

Review Masters is known to giving full scholarship to academically excellent students especially to those at the lower-income bracket. Since it started the Classroom UPCAT Review in 2002, Review Masters has been collaborating with school administrators to choose the deserving beneficiaries of its scholarship program. For nine years, Review Masters has awarded more than a hundred scholarships to honor students and to financially-challenged as well.


Why we start OUR Scholarship – The Sure Way!

Because of the proliferation of review centers, not only in Metro Manila but also in far-flung provinces, the playing field called the UPCAT becomes skewed to those who can afford to pay the tuition fees for these review programs. It cannot be denied that students from public schools are now losing their “academic” edge, so to speak. Even those who graduated valedictorians and salutatorians from public schools cannot even make it to the premier university of the land. UP is becoming less and less “university for the masses” because of this hard fact. But Review Masters believe that these students equally deserve to be qualified, if given the opportunity to prepare “more” with “less” time. The potential of these students from public high schools to succeed in college is very high, but they need first to pass the UPCAT!


How our program works

Review Masters is giving away at least 4,000 scholarships to public high school students all over the Philippines this year. Yes, at least 4,000 since the Philippines has 4,422 public secondary schools, aside from the science high schools and the State Universities and Colleges –run high schools. Who are eligible to apply for OUR Scholarship – The Sure Way? Here’s a rundown of the criteria:


1.)    A bona-fide third year high school student of a public school in the Philippines; and

2.)    First or second honor as of School Year 2010-2011


Review Masters requires any applicant to submit a photo or scanned picture of a certificate that verifies criteria 1 and 2. The certificate should state the following and be signed by the principal:


This is to certify that (full name of student) is a bona-fide third year high school student of (full name of school, school address, school’s contact number) and the first (or second) honor of their batch as of school year 2010-2011.

(signed over printed name)


The applicant must submit the said certification either through e-mail (reviewmasters@upcatreview.com) or though facebook by uploading the photo of the certificate at the Review Masters page (http://www.facebook.com/thereviewmasters). Once Review Masters has verified the authenticity of the certificate (that is why it is required to write the contact number of the school), the applicant shall receive a response from Review Masters together with the access code for the Online UPCAT Review Program. This access code is given only to premium members ofwww.upcatreview.com who paid Php1,200.00. The applicant shall become one of the privileged awardees of OUR Scholarship Program so he or she shall no longer pay Php1,200.00 and enjoy the same benefits as those who have paid. To get a glimpse of what’s in store for an Online UPCAT Review student, please visit http://www.upcatreview.com/the-online-upcat-review.


We’ve seen success


As mentioned above, Review Masters has been giving opportunities to bright but financially challenged students for the past nine years and nothing is more satisfying then seeing the fruits of its advocacy. Review Masters has a larger dream and a greater vision – that is to create equal opportunities for all students! With the advent of pioneering the Online UPCAT Review, Review Masters can make this goal very, very possible! Review Masters is confident that every beneficiary of OUR Scholarship – The Sure Way will eventually pass UPCAT – the Sure Way!



UPCAT Review Center: Review Masters

UPCAT Review - Review Masters

UPCAT Review Price:  P4,500

# of Hours : 45 Hours + 36 Hours of Online Review + UPCAT Tips Seminar

# of Sessions: 10 Sessions

# of Students per Class: 25-35

Passing Rate: ———–

Review Coverage / Syllabus: Math (Algebra 1, Algebra 2 w/ Statistics, Geometry w/ Basic Trigonometry), Science (General/Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics), English/Filipino (Language Proficiency, Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing)

Review Materials: Authored by UP Professors and updated annually. More than 3,000 items are already available online.

Review Slot Reservation: Payment through Bank, Review Master Offices. Review Venues or through Bank Deposit.


Review Schedule Summary:

Metro Manila Venues: Mostly in the Month of May / Monday to Friday

Laguna Venues: April and/or May /  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

[more details below]

Review Venues:

*  Metro Manila

Pasig City

Makati City


Las Piñas

Quezon City


*  Laguna

Los Baños

San Pablo City

Calamba City (Canlubang)

Calamba City (Crossing)

Sta. Rosa City


Review Add-ons:

Online Review Premium Account: P1,200

– e-Review Portal

– Virtual Classes – live online classes which will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays in June and July. This will be facilitated by UP Professors.

– Access to the Premium Forums

– Compiled UPCAT Questions (downloadable and printable e-books)

Online Review Premium Account (Trial): Free


Website and Social Media Accounts

Website: http://www.upcatreview.com/

Social Media Sites: http://www.facebook.com/thereviewmasters

Email: reviewmasters@upcatreview


Office Address and Contact Information:

*  Los Baños, Laguna

10966 TLP Compound

Kanluran Rd. Faculty Hills

UP Los Baños, Laguna

Contact Person: Jun Arioder or Teacher Sita

Tel. No.: +63(049) 536-4851


San Pablo City, Laguna

2nd fl LMC Bldg, P. Zulueta St.

4000 San Pablo City

Contact Person: Leopold Laset or Teacher Ning

Tel. No.: +63(049) 561-1966


Calamba City, Laguna

2nd. fl Clarissa Arcade

Pamana Homes

Bucal, Calamba City, Laguna

Contact Person:Bart Viloria or Teacher Lorna

Tel. No.: +63(049) 545-0512


Detailed Review Schedule:

*  you can call the numbers below to reserve your slot.


Pasig City (Sacred Heart Academy – M. Suarez St. Maybunga, Pasig City), (02)985-5257 or +63(922)873-8439
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 May 9 – 20, 2011 M to F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 May 23 – June 3, 2011 8:00am – 12:30pm
Makati City (Don Bosco Makati),  (02)985-5257 or +63(922)873-8439
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 May 2 -13, 2011 M to F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 To be announced 1:00pm – 5:30pm
Manila (Colegio de San Juan de Letran),  (02)985-5257 or +63(922)873-8439
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 May 2 -13, 2011 M to F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 To be announced To be announced
Las Piñas (STI Las Piñas),  (02)985-5257 or +63(922)873-8439
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 May 9 -20, 2011 M to F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 To be announced To be announced
Quezon City (Venue: STI Munoz) (02)985-5257 or +63(922)873-8439
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 May 4 – 17, 2011 M to F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 To be announced 8:00am – 12:30pm
Los Baños, Laguna (The Learning Place Compound, Kanluran Road, College) +63(49)536-4851
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 April 4 – 27, 2011 M-W-F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 May 16 -27, 2011 M to F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Calamba City, Laguna (Don Bosco Canlubang) +63(049)545-0512
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 April 11 – May 4, 2011 M-W-F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 To be announced 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Calamba City, Laguna (St. Simon Montessori) +63(049)545-0512
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 April 4 – 27, 2011 M-W-F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 To be announced To be announced
San Pablo City, Laguna (STI College San Pablo) +63(49)561-1966
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 April 4 – 27, 2011 M-W-F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 May 2 – 23, 2011 8:00am – 12:30pm
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna (Holy Rosary College) +63(49)576-2099 or +63922-873-8439
SCHEDULE Duration Days Time
Section 1 April 11 – May 4, 2011 M-W-F 8:00am – 12:30pm
Section 2 TBA To be announced


Review Reservation Details:

How to enroll:

1. Create a free account in Website.

2. Login using your chosen username and password. You may also choose to login using Facebook.

3. Go to “Review Program > Upgrade” in the menu (or just refer to the plans above) to upgrade your existing account to Premium.

4. Select the plan of your choice.

NOTE: For the Classroom Review reservation (pay only a partial amount), please choose the “Online Review” option. The remaining balance should be paid at the start of the Classroom Review.

5. Choose mode of payment

a.) credit card via Paypal

b.) Offline Payment –   for users who choose to pay offline, you may make your payment  in the partner schools that Review Masters has or in any of the Review Masters’ offices. You may also make your payments by depositing the indicated amount to any of the following bank accounts:

i.) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

BPI account name: KB Tutorial and Consulting Corp

Account number: [8885-8027-54

ii.) Banco de Oro (available soon)

After making your offline payment, please text 0922-873-8439 or email reviewmasters@upcatreview.com and send the following information:

1. Name of Student

2. School of Student

3. BPI Branch where you deposited

4. Amount deposited

Review Masters will send you a coupon access code to input in the coupon code field once they have verified your payment.

6. Once upgraded, you will have access to the Premium Downloads Section, e-Review Portal Premium Section, and the Premium Forums.