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Nursing Assistant Course and Career Info

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant Course and Career Info Description


Course Classification:


Course Description:

If you want to become a nursing assistant, you should take up a two-year course that focuses on practical nursing orderly program. However, you should see to it that the program is administered by a licensed medical professional. In addition to the two-year program, you should also take up specialized courses that teach CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation as well as first-aid treatment. These courses will not only teach you about the fundamentals in nursing and the basics in human body, but it will also teach you about patient care and how to administer CPR and first-aid treatment.

Cost of Education:

For the two-year practical nursing course, you will need to shell out at least P45,000 to P75,000, depending upon the institution. As for the specialized course such as CPR and first-aid, the training program will cost you anywhere from P3,000 to P7,000, depending upon the duration of the training program.

Top Universities for Course:

  • Asian Caregiving and Technology Education Center, Inc. in Caloocan City
  • Asian Institute of Health Care, Inc. in Quezon City
  • St. Augustine School of Nursing in Quezon City
  • Center for Healthcare Professions in San Pedro, Laguna
  • Center for Healthcare Professions in Sta. Cruz, Manila


Top Universities Link:



Course Skills and Factors


Skills/Physical Attributes:

  • Physically fit since you’ll be spending hours standing or walking around, lifting and moving patients, or helping patients move around
  • Alert and attentive
  • Mentally and emotionally fit
  • Tactful and judicious
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Able to work with a team
  • Well-groomed and hygienic
  • Rapport with patients and good communication skills
  • Can understand and follow instructions



  • The main responsibility of a nursing assistant is to provide care to patients; however, he is going to be working under the supervision of a healthcare professional such as a nurse. Other duties of a nursing assistant include helping the patient with ADLs or activities of daily living, helping the patient move around, making sure that the patient’s room is neat and orderly, taking the patient’s vital signs, as well as observing the patient for any changes, be it physically, mentally, or even emotionally. If any changes occur, it is also his responsibility to report the changes to the medical staff.



Career Outlook and Global Demand


Global Demand:

There is a good demand for nursing assistants in Saudi Arabia as well as Singapore. UAE is also hiring Filipino nursing assistants.

Expected Salary:

Starting salary of nursing assistants is P6,500 in public health agencies. However, if you’re going to work for a private company, salary usually starts at P7,000 to P8,000.

Opportunities for Advancement:

Career advancement for nursing assistants oftentimes limited, but if you want to further your career, you can take up B.S. in Nursing to become a nurse.