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NCAE “Controversies”

With the Filipino’s penchant for looking up controversies, you can expect that some folks have tried searching for and posting less-than-edifying stuff about the National Career Assessment Exam (NCAE) on the Internet.  Don’t just accept everything you read or hear about as law, folks (yes, not even this article).  It always helps to listen to both sides of the issue and then make an informed decision about something.


On one hand the basic premise behind the NCAE is good.  It’s supposed to help the DepEd help the student choose a specific career path and avoid career-aptitude mismatch.  It’s a tool that helps assess the students’ strengths and weaknesses, hence its name.  It’s also a good excuse for taking a breather from one’s classes and the usual grind of high school life.


On the other hand, there are naysayers who claim that the test is a waste of the DepEd’s resources and your resources as well.  Previous test-takers have complained of some utterly outrageous results that don’t square with what they know of themselves or what they think they’re good at.  Students who are interested in a particular college course may be disheartened to find a low aptitude score the relevant section.  They may feel that it threatens their chances for landing a slot in the course they want.


Remember, the test is recommendatory at best—it’s not an academic test.  Colleges look at a lot of other things besides NCAE results (grades, entrance exam results, etc.)  Besides, a lot of things can happen between the time you take the test and the time you start a career after college.  Who knows?  God may even lead you to excel in a field you never considered before or studied for.


Our advice:  take the NCAE with a grain of salt, but don’t think of it as Gospel Truth.  All assessment tools are precisely that—tools to guide you down a potential path, not orders that dictate where you should go.  Go for it, note your results, weight them against what other people and tools say about you and what you know about yourself, and then go and choose the field you feel God is leading you to.