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Philippine College Scholarships: The Metrobank College Scholarships Program

It’s way too easy to think of a scholarship as a single unit—one benefactor, one participating school, one set of requirements. There are times, however, when a scholarship program is actually a gestalt—a unified whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The Metrobank College Scholarships Program is somewhat like that: you have one major program subdivided into two smaller programs, depending on a variety of factors. Interested? Then read on.

Scholarship Details

1. Background Info: The main scholarship program consists of two sub-programs: the Metrobank Foundation, Inc.-Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines, Inc. scholarship (henceforth referred to as Metro-Boysen) and the Fluor-Metrobank Foundation, Inc. scholarship (henceforth known as Fluor-Metro). The two cover Architecture and Business courses spread out over several top Philippine universities.

2. Number of Slots: Currently, the Metro-Boysen scholarship can support ten Architecture students a year—five from U.P. Diliman and five from UST. The Fluor-Metro quota, on the other hand, tends to vary per year depending on budget restraints and other factors. The latter has been known to accommodate two scholars per year on the average, though.

3. General Qualifications: Both sub-programs tend to target applicants with very specific qualifications:

• Incoming sophomore Architecture students (Metro-Boysen) or freshman Engineering students (Fluor-Metro)
• Physically fit
• Possessing good moral character
• Recipients of academic co-curricular or extra-curricular awards during their freshman college year (certified by Dean of Architecture for Metro-Boysen applicants) or their high school years (certified by principal for Fluor-Metro applicants)
• Non-recipients of any other form of financial aid
• Having a total yearly family income no greater than 300,000 pesos (for Metro-Boysen) or 250,000 pesos (for Fluor-Metro) for a family of five members.
• Possessing an 85% minimum cumulative freshman year grade point average (for Metro-Boysen) or 85% minimum high school grade point average (for Fluor-Metro)

Furthermore, Metro-Boysen has an additional requirement: the student must be a Filipino citizen.

4. Needed Documents: Besides the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. application form, be sure to have the following ready:

• Medical certificate accomplished by a qualified physician
• Either the parents’ Certificate of Tax Exemption or the most recent Income Tax Return, or any affidavit possessing relevant information about family income (amount, sources, number of family members, etc.)
• Certificate of Good Moral Character, accomplished by the Dean of Architecture for Metro-Boysen or the high school principal (or any relevant authority figure) for Fluor-Metro
• Birth Certificate (certified true copy, including the original for purposes of verification)
• Certification of any rewards received in the year prior to application, signed by either the Dean of Architecture (Metro-Boysen) or the high school principal (Fluor-Metro)
• Photocopies and original documents of transcript of records from previous academic years: freshman year grade reports for Metro-Boysen or Form 137/high school report card (Fluor-Metro)
• Certificate of registration or enrollment
• A notarized affidavit that proves you aren’t already receiving financial assistance from any other source

5. Application Process: The system is simple, regardless of which sub-program you apply for. Simply secure the main application form from the relevant university office:

• Office for Student Affairs: University of Santo Tomas
• College of Architecture: University of the Philippines Diliman:
• Scholarship Office: Don Bosco Technical College
• College of Engineering:
o Adamson University
o Technological University of the Philippines
o University of the East Manila
o University of the Philippines Diliman

From thereon, it’s just a matter of filling up the form completely and turning in all the needed documents to the same office that gave it to you.

6. Other Requirements: Besides the aforementioned stuff, applicants will also need to pass an essay-based exam and a panel interview.

7. Deadlines: The deadlines for getting all the documents tend to vary depending on the participating school, so the best thing to do would be to ask the folks at the admissions or scholarship office of the university in question. The Metrobank Foundation aims to release the final list of scholars for this year sometime during May or June.

Scholarship Privileges and Obligations

Both the Metro-Boysen and Fluor-Metro scholarship programs offer the same benefits to deserving students: fully paid tuition and other school-related fees, a monthly stipend of 2,000 pesos for ten months every school year, and the opportunity to participate in special Metrobank formation and training activities.

The two sub-programs also present similar obligations to scholars. For one thing, successful applicants must maintain a minimum average of 85% without flunking a single subject. They must also be full-time regular, participating students—that is, they cannot drop subjects, tack on more than the regular academic workload, shift courses, hold a job or receive grants from sources other than the Metrobank Foundation.

Perhaps the only real difference between the two lies with the additional Fluor-Metro requirement: scholars will be asked to take part in community service projects that are usually held during special events or breaks.

Contact Details

Should you need to clarify anything about either Metrobank Foundation sub-scholarship, please call Ms. Jackie Jalocon at (632) 857-5918; (632) 898-8855; (632) 898-8898; or (632) 750-0837.

Alternatively, you may e-mail her at or fill up the form on this webpage and send it in. If you prefer a face-to-face visit to the Foundation itself, the office is located on the 15th Floor, Metrobank Plaza, Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave.,
1200 Makati City.