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Mandaluyong Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule 2010

As a general rule, each science high school has a screening process that involves several phases, including a written exam and an interview, with the number of written exams varying depending on the school in question.  Despite their differences, however, these learning institutions more or less stick to a general, established system.

What’s interesting to note are the little deviations that take place within that system—not too drastic to be noticeable, but still different enough to be unique.  We’ll be looking at one such case in this article:  that of Mandaluyong Science High School (henceforth referred to as ManSci)

Mandaluyong Science High School Application Schedule

The ManSci timetable is remarkably straightforward.  The application period for school year 2011-2012 should start sometime in November 2010.  Consequently, the deadline for turning in the initial set of requirements (please see below to better understand what I’m referring to) will fall sometime in January 2011.

This will be followed by the entrance test proper in during the month of February 2011.  Unlike its contemporary, CalSci, ManSci has one and only one exam, so applicants would be wise to give it everything they’ve got.

See anything that’s missing yet?  That’s right:  there is no face-to-face interview for prospective students.  Once you pass the entrance test, you’re basically primed for enrollment in June 2011.

Mandaluyong Science High School Admission Requirements

Here’s another peculiarity of the ManSci application process:  unlike other schools that ask for all the necessary documents in one fell swoop, this learning institution will require you to submit two sets of written requirements (with at least one common document for both sets) on two separate occasions:  before and after the exam.

Prior to the entrance test, ManSci will ask the following from you:  an ID of your parents (voter’s IDs will do), your grade school report card and written certification of your good moral character (prepared by your grade school principal or guidance counselor).

Assuming you pass the exam, the next set of documents is a tad different.  Prepare the following:

  • your birth certificate
  • a medical certificate testifying to your physical and mental fitness (accomplished by a licensed physician)
  • written certification of your good moral character (part 2, accomplished by the same people as indicated above)
  • Form 137 (This is basically your Student Permanent Record.  You can get this from your grade school registrar.)
  • the usual 2 x 2 identification pictures (Make sure they were taken recently.)

Mandaluyong Science High School Contact Details

ManSci doesn’t have its complete, final schedule ready as of now, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep in touch with the folks over at the admissions office.  To coordinate with them, call (02) 532-5357 and look for Ms. Carmi Serrano.  The application schedule should be finalized by November 2010.

The admissions office appears to have no e-mail address or fax number, so your only other alternative as of now is to visit the school grounds themselves.  ManSci is located along E. Pantaleon Street, Hulo, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.


Ms. Carmi Serrano of the ManSci Admissions Office