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Human Resource Assistant Course and Career Info

Human Resource Assistant

Human Resource Assistant Course and Career Info Description


Course Classification:


Course Description:

No specific educational attainment is required to be a human resource assistant, but most employers tend to hire applicants who have finished B.S. in Psychology or B.S. in Behavioral Science. These courses deal with human behavior and what influences it psychologically, emotionally, as well as mentally. It also teaches students about the different social as well as behavioral sciences. You will also get to learn about mental health and how it affects human behavior.

Cost of Education:

If you’re going to enroll in a public institution, each semester of these college courses will cost you about P10,000 to P15,000. However, if you enroll in a private school, you have to shell out about P25,000 to P45,000 each semester.

Top Universities for Course:

  • Some of the best universities that offer these course are University of Santo Tomas, Emilio Aguinaldo College, University of the East, De La Salle University, among others. You can also try Arellano University, Adamson University, and Mapua Institute of Technology, and St. Scholastica’s College.


Top Universities Link:



Course Skills and Factors


Skills/Physical Attributes:

  • Patience as well as tactfulness.
  • Dedication to helping people and to work.
  • Respect for people and the ability to keep things confidential and private.
  • Ability to remain calm during trying and difficult situations.
  • An eye for detail.
  • Pleasing and warm personality.
  • Good people skills.
  • Good communication skills, be it oral or written.
  • Analytical mind.
  • Good knowledge of human behavior and how to deal with different temperaments.



  • The main responsibility of a human resource assistant is to assist the human resource manager not only in the administrative duties but also in clerical duties. This includes recruiting as well as hiring people. The human resource assistant also helps the manager when it comes to compensation as well as benefits. In addition to this, the human resource assistant is also responsible for gathering information of the employees’ work history, including skills, promotions, salaries, etc.



Career Outlook and Global Demand


Global Demand:

Human resource assistants are needed in just about any industry in the country– from real estate to even the manufacturing industry. Overseas, some countries that are hiring Filipino human resource assistants are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Qatar.

Expected Salary:

The salary of a human resource assistant usually ranges from P10,000 to about P13,000 monthly. When you work overseas such as the United States or Canada, the salary usually starts at $2,800 monthly.

Opportunities for Advancement:

From a human resource assistant, you could move up to the personnel schedulers position or even to a human resource specialist. Some human resource assistants also advance to supervisory or clerical position, an example of which is a charge account clerk.