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How to Get your UPCAT UPG Score

There is a general tendency to want to check one’s UPG as soon as possible.  After all, if you’ve worked hard to pass an exam, you’d want to know how well you did.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), there is only one official way to check your UPG, and U.P. does not allow students to do this right away.


Why the delay?  The simple reason is that the university wishes to regulate the amount of students seeking the info.  In the past, students normally trooped to the Admissions Office in a mass zergling rush to inquire about their UPG.  With the new system, however, the school will only release the info at least one year after the students take the UPCAT.


That’s right.  This is done to keep things nice and orderly and to do away with bragging sessions soon after the test.  Note that the Admissions Office will send written correspondence to students who do not meet the required UPG cut-off (The mail will contain all the important details with regard to why they did not pass.).  Those who do make the cut-off, however, will be kept in suspense for the time being.


The only way to determine one’s UPG is to visit the school staff members at least one year after taking the entrance test—there is no way to check it online.  Diliman test-takers will need to look for Ms. Amigan at the main branch’s Admissions Office, present their valid ID and request for the info.  She will then hand the students a small slip of paper with their name, ID and UPG details (including a breakdown of how they did per section).



Ms. Manilyn of the UP Admissions Office