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With the help of God, my parents, my school and @acadclinic , I've earned the title of "Iskolar ng Bayan." :)

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Join our contest and get a chance to win 5 TOTALLY FREE UPCAT REVIEW (inclusive of tuition fee and materials)

5 ABSOLUTELY FREE UPCAT REVIEW in any of the following:

North of Manila: -Bulacan (Baliuag) -Dagupan -La Union -Lingayen -Pampanga
South of Manila -Iloilo -Naga
CALABARZON -Antipolo -Batangas -Cavite (Bacoor) -Laguna (Santa Rosa) -La Union -Tanauan
NCR -Manila (Paco) -Mandaluyong -Quezon City

More venues to be announced soon. Click links to see schedule and teachers for center.


Choose any one of the following topics (title may be different from suggested topic):
1. How studying in UP can help me accomplish my dreams and what I will do to ensure that you pass the UPCAT

2. My anxieties about taking the UPCAT

3. How Excel Tutorials’ UPCAT tips will work for me to pass the UPCAT (tips available here.)
4. My expectations about moving to Manila to study in UP (excited to see the big city, have a taste of independence, etc.)

-must be a 3rd year high school student
-must be able to claim the prize at any of EXCEL Tutorials centers in the Philippines:

North of Manila – Bulacan (Baliuag), Dagupan, La Union, Lingayen and Pampanga
South of Manila – Iloilo and Naga
CALABARZON – Antipolo, Batangas, Cavite (Bacoor), Laguna (Santa Rosa), La Union
and Tanauan

NCR – Manila (Paco),  Mandaluyong and Quezon City
More venues to be announced later.

Entries can be anything from powerpoint presentations, comic strips, painting, digital art, essays, poems, songs or videos. There is no limit to what you can submit. Be reminded that the voting and judging will be done online. Thus, the medium should render to an online crowd.

1. Videos, audio files, powerpoint presentations and the like are easily appreciated online. So if you’re making a comic strip, a 3D art (i.e. sculptures) or a sketch, you may translate the comic to a video file or a youtube video or powerpoint presentation that can be viewed on slideshare, the 3D art to a video showcasing the video and showing what you think about the art piece or the sketch to a high-resolution jpeg file.

2. Provide us with the postable link of the submission. The submission should be able to be displayed on our file. It should avoid opening on a new tab as much as possible to ensure that the viewer will comment on your entry.

3. We will not post submissions that are abusive, misleading, vulgar and academically dishonest. You may use the materials from the net but please ensure you add enough artistic or academic value into the submission.

4. Aside from the above, no further restrictions apply. Just express yourself as the more unique your submission, the more people will find it interesting.

Academic Clinics’ Favorite Entry (1 winner)
Manila Survival Guide’s Favorite Entry (1 winner)
Excel Tutorials Favorite Entries (3 winners)

Excel Tutorials Favorite Entries will be declared based on Mockingjay points. The entries with the most points win.
Mockingjay points are earned based on comments to the entry in www.excelreviews.com and likes as displayed in “UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials” FB page featuring the entry.

1 FB like = 1 Mockingjay point
1 website comment = 5 Mockingjay points

One comment per person allowed. No anonymous comments allowed (need to sign in with email). For the comment to qualify, it should be at least 5 words in length. Excel Tutorials reserves the right of the final decision in cases of dispute.

All five winners will win ABSOLUTELY FREE REVIEW this summer.

Submission Period:  Febuary 1 -March 16, 2014 (the earlier you submit, the earlier the entry will be posted and the earlier you can promote your entry)

Period to earn Mockingjay points:   February 22-March 30, 2014

Announcement of Winners: April 2, 2014

No contestant may win more than once.  Prizes are non-convertible to cash and non-transferable.

Eligible contestants must:

Download the submission form here. This is all you need to submit to us with the link to your submission.

  1. Like UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials on Facebook, Academic-Clinic, and
    Manila Survival Guide.
  2. Only those who liked the page during the entire contest duration will be eligible to win.
  3. Subscribe to www.excelreviews.com through the right hand side box.
  4. Visit this page, click “Like” or “Send” and/or “Share” so you can share this contest page to other social networks.
  5. Send the completed submission form to inquiries@excelreviews.com.
  6. We will post your submission at our FB page, “UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials”. We will message you once it is posted.
  7. During the period of earning Mockingjay points, go to “UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials” FB page and share it in FB. This will earn you likes. Remember that for the likes to qualify, the like should be on the actual link, NOT on your post/status update. So you can monitor the actual likes, it is shown on “UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials” FB page. The more difficult thing to do and thus earns the entry more points is to get comments to the entry at www.excelreviews.com. Each comment that is at least 5 words in length (real words only, randomly typed letters/words will be deleted), earns the entry 5 Mockingjay points.

Five suggested ways to publicize your entry:

  1. Use twitter, FB, instagram and your blog accounts.
  2. Ask all your friends to send place positive comments on your entry.
  3. Provide the links to your entry in your status updates.
  4. Private message your friends although tagging them would be easier.
  5. Change your profile picture to promote your entry so everything you do on FB boosts your entry.

BONUS Mockingjay points (self-tracking by screen capture and sent to inquiries@excelreviews.com, one submission only, once you’ve submitted that’s all we will count):

30 Mockingjay points = mentioning you just joined our contest in our review tagging our website link to the venue where you plan to avail of the FREE UPCAT review (example: I just joined the UPCAT Express-yourself contest at www.excelreviews.com). Doing this early on will prompt us to make a page in our website for you so once you send us your entry, it can easily be posted and you can get people to like your post earlier.

30 Mockingjay points = mentioning our FREE UPCAT reviewers with the link http://www.excelreviews.com/free-upcat-reviewers/

30 Mockingjay points = mentioning our FB page

Example: Friends, please like https://www.facebook.com/UpcatReviewBatangasCityAndLipaExcelTutorials

30 Mockingjay points = mentioning you will enroll in our review in FB (if you will enrol in Manila “I just enrolled in Excel Tutorials’ UPCAT review (link to the venue where you will enroll)”.
If you will enrol in Manila, you should say I just enrolled in Excel Tutorials’ UPCAT review http://www.excelreviews.com/manila-upcat-review/)

Tag your friends who you want to join you in the review. One friend tagged is equivalent to an additional 3 Mockingjay points per tag (maximum of 10 friends)

Again, for the bonus points, you need to send us screen captures of the posts and we will check that these actually exist on your page. Excel Tutorials reserves the right to the final decision on what BONUS points count. Send the screen captures in a word file to inquires@excelreviews.com. Deadline to send the screen captures file is on March 15.

If a winner is already enrolled with Excel Tutorials & Review Center, then he or she is eligible to receive a refund of his or her registration fee, provided that:

For more info about Excel Tutorials and Review Center’s UPCAT Review, visit http://www.excelreviews.com/upcat-review/. Visit our FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/UpcatReviewBatangasCityAndLipaExcelTutorials

To read really interesting blogs about education, lifestyle and life in Manila, visit www.manilarules.com

Join now! To see the official contest page and to download the submission form, go here.

The Brain Train UPCAT Essay Writing Contest


Academic-Clinic.com, in cooperation with Brain Train Review and Tutorials, is excited to bring you “The Brain Train Essay Writing Contest!”

Here’s how it works. Like all essay-writing contests (duh! 🙂 ), contestants must write an essay on a specific topic. Three winners will be selected – and each of these three winners will win a FREE UPCAT Review*± with Brain Train Review and Tutorials!

Sounds like a sweet prize? Well then, put your thinking cap on, take paper and pen out and start writing your mind-blowing essay!

Essay Topic: How I plan to conquer the UPCAT / My UPCAT Master Plan

Take note that this is the topic around which your essay must revolve. However, we expect you to give your masterpiece a unique title.  Essays may be written in English or Tagalog.  There are no maximum or minimum number of words.

Submission of Entries: March 24, 2012 – April 14, 2012 (10:00pm)
Voting Period: From date of submission until April 21, 2012 (10:00pm)
Announcement of Winners: April 22, 2012

Winner Selection Mechanics:

  • 1 winner is People’s Choice – the entry with the greatest number of “Likes”
  • 1 winner is Academic-Clinic’s Choice – the entry chosen by Academic-Clinic
  • 1 winner is Brain Train’s Choice – the entry chosen by Brain Train

The Prize:

FREE UPCAT Review*± at any one of the following Brain Train UPCAT Review venues:

  • Los Banos, Laguna
  • Greenfield, Sta. Rosa City, and
  • New England College, Quezon City
* If winner wants to avail of his/her prize at a venue other than those specified above, he or she MUST pay a minimal fee of P1,600.00 to cover review venue costs.
± If a winner turns out to be already enrolled in the Brain Train UPCAT Review Program, then his or her registration fee will be refunded – provided that P1,600 will be deducted from the refunded amount if the student is enrolled in a venue other than the venues specified above.

 Prizes are non-convertible to cash and non-transferable.


I.    Who are eligible to join

This contest is open to all incoming senior high school students (or equivalent) who are17 years old and below.


Eligible contestants must:

1.      Become a fan of Academic Clinic (http://www.facebook.com/academic.clinic) and Brain Train Review Center (http://www.facebook.com/braintraincenter) on Facebook.

2.      Contestants who follow Brain Train on Twitter (@bra1n_tra1n) get plus points as Brain Train’s Choice.

3.      Contestants who post “Joining @Brain Train Review Center and @Academic Clinic’s FREE UPCAT Review Contest!” get plus points as Brain Train’s Choice.

4.    All contestants must fill out Brain Train’s Contest Registration Forms and email it to admin@academic-clinic.com along with their entry.

5.      Contestant must email his or her entry to admin@academic-clinic.com during the entry-submission period.   Entries will be forwarded to Brain Train, after which they will appear at the Brain Train Review and Tutorials website (www.brain-train.com.ph/blog).

6.      Contestant must promote his or her entry. Facebook “Likes” may start accruing right after submission – so the sooner one submits an entry, the more time he or she has of collecting “Likes.”


1.  Academic-Clinic.com will announce the 3 winners at Academic-Clinic.com as well as in the Academic-Clinic.com Fan Page on April 22, 2012. We will also email the winners.

2.  Winners must then coordinate with Brain Train Review and Tutorials to claim their prize. Winners must not hesitate to contact Academic-Cinic.com if they need help coordinating with Brain Train Review and Tutorials.

3.  Prizes not claimed until April 30, 2012 will be voided.

Important Notes:

  • Brain Train Review and Tutorials is furnishing the prizes for this particular contest.
  • All entries will become property of Brain Train Review and Tutorials.
  • Brain Train Review and Tutorials reserves the right to use all entries on their website as well as on other venues for marketing purposes or for any other purpose.

Download this MECHANICS in PDF here: BRAIN TRAIN FREE UPCAT Review Essay Contest Mechanics

Download Registration Form here: BRAIN TRAIN FREE UPCAT Review Essay Contest Registration Form

Free UPCAT Review 2012

Academic Clinic is once again ready to conduct its annual free online UPCAT review for incoming senior high school students.

The free UPCAT review will start on March 1 and will continue until the day before the UPCAT.  The review will feature the following:

*  UPCAT Facts and Basics

*  UPCAT Coverage Discussions

*  101 UPCAT Tips: from application to the exam day itself.

*  Auto-Scored UPCAT Mock Exams

*  Free Downloadable UPCAT Reviewers and Modules

*  Subject Discussions on the Fanpage

It will be a great UPCAT preparation for incoming senior students who cannot afford an UPCAT review and for those who will be taking review classes, our program will be a great add-on to the paid review.

The Free UPCAT Review schedule will be as follows:

101 UPCAT Tips:  1 UPCAT Tip daily @5pm – Monday to Friday starting March 1, 2012

UPCAT Strategies, Application Tips and Basics Posts Starts April 2, 2012

*  Choosing your UPCAT Review Center

*  other Free UPCAT review programs

*  UPCAT coverage

*  Choosing your College course

*  The UPCAT Ranking Process

.. and many more

UPCAT Readings, Discussions and Quizzes Starts April 2, 2012

*  one major subject will be covered every week at the fanpage

*  Readings will be posted every Monday

*  Discussions will be from Monday – Friday every 5pm

*  Mock quiz will be posted every Saturday @ 3pm

April 2012:

April Week 1:   UPCAT Basics info

April Week 2:  Science:  General Science

April Week 3:  English:  Parts of Speech and General Grammar

April Week 4:  Math:  Arithmetic

May 2012:

May Week 1:  Choosing your UPCAT Application Campus and Courses

May Week 2:  Science:  Biology

May Week 3:  English:  Syntax and Mechanics

May Week 4:  Math:  Algebra

May Week 5:  UPCAT Application Tips

June 2012:

June Week 1:  Science:  Chemistry

June Week 2:  English:  Diction and Vocabulary

June Week 3:  Math:  Trigonometry and Geometry

June Week4:  Test Taking Strategies

July 2012:

July Week1:  Science:  Physics

July Week2:  English:  Reading Comprehension

July Week3:  Math:  Advanced Algebra and Statistics

July Week4:  UPCAT Day Tips [Exam day tips, going to the testing centers, etc]

We invite student organizations, school officials and review centers to participate in this endeavor and help in any way they can.  If you’re interested in helping out as a guest mentor, quiz maker, blogger, etc, please email us at admin@academic-clinic.com.

See you at the Free UPCAT Review and don’t forget to share! ^^

UPCAT Review Options

In some cases, an UPCAT review may just be the deciding factor whether you get admitted into the University of the Philippines or not.  In such cases, it pays to know what your options are regarding reviews for UPCAT.

 1.  UPCAT Review Center:  the usual option is to enroll in an UPCAT review center.  Aside from providing a structured format for preparing for the UPCAT through traditional classroom lectures, mock exams, quizzes and review modules, these UPCAT review centers may also provide invaluable information like exam taking tips, application tips and career seminars.  To see our list of UPCAT Review Centers, click here.

 2.  Online UPCAT Reviews:  the recent years have shown the growing acceptance of an alternative mode of reviewing for the UPCAT – the Online UPCAT review.  This UPCAT review alternative will offer you much of the options in a traditional UPCAT review such as sample exams, reviewers, solution sets and more like video lectures, help forums, etc.

 Although this type of UPCAT review will not give you the face to face learning advantage of traditional UPCAT reviews and tangible review materials, it compensates for it by preparing you for the UPCAT in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.  You just have to be disciplined enough to follow the program to its end.

Many Review Centers are already offering online UPCAT review programs. We also have Free UPCAT Reviewers and Sample Quizzes here on our site.

 3.  Free UPCAT Reviews:  some UP student organizations conduct free UPCAT reviews yearly.  Most of these reviews are held in provinces where these provincial student orgs are based.  We have compiled a list of such free UPCAT reviews in our academic website which can be found here.

 The benefit of these free UPCAT review is the fact that those who will be handling the review proper are UP students.  This means that you’ll have an updated and practical source of advice and registration regarding the UPCAT.  Moreoever, these student organizations have a more hands on and personal approach when it comes to conducting their free UPCAT reviews.

 The downside of this option is that the UPCAT review materials and lecture materials might not be as complete as you prefer them to be – the reviews being free and the student organization having limited funds.  The review proper might also be substantially shorter than the paid UPCAT reviews.

 4.  UPCAT Self Review:  Due to limited finances or time constraints, a number of UPCAT takers opt for self review.  This method of reviewing for the UPCAT depends largely on the student’s discipline for it to suceed.  Given the right resources though, of which there are many online, a student can find this type of UPCAT review as effective or even more so than the traditional reviews.

 Here is a list of what you’ll need for an UPCAT self review:

 A.  UPCAT Tips:  remember that even before the UPCAT day, 40% of your final score is already computed from your high school grades and a large percentage of the probability of you getting into the University of the Philippines is already dependent on what you’ve written in your application papers – choice of college and course.  This makes getting your hands on UPCAT tips of paramount importance.

More Reading:  101 UPCAT tips on Facebook

 B.  UPCAT Coverage:  knowing the coverage of the UPCAT is already half the battle.  This means that you can focus your efforts on studying subjects that have a large probability of appearing on the UPCAT.  Read our post about UPCAT Coverage here.

 C.  UPCAT Review Modules:  Practice is the key to passing the UPCAT and the best way to practice is to answer sample UPCAT exams.  This lessens your chance of having mental block during the actual exam, helps you solve problems quicker and exposes you to the different subject matters that may appear in the UPCAT.  Download our Free UPCAT Readings and Modules here.

 D.  Answer keys and Solution Sets:  of course, the above will not help much if you dont have an answer key and solution set for the presented problems.  With these, you can see how each problem is solved and what techniques are employed in solving them.

 So choose among the options on what type of UPCAT review is best for you.  You can even combine some of them to increase your chances of passing the UPCAT even more.

UPCAT Review Questions

This is a compilation of automated sample UPCAT quizzes.  Upon clicking the link, you will be able to take the quizzes online.  You score will be automatically generated after you finish each exam.  Please do share our free UPCAT review quizzes to your friends and dont forget to like us on Facebook!  ^^


General Science: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-sample-questions-general-science/

Biology: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-sample-questions-biology/

Chemistry: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-sample-exam-chemistry/

Physics:  http://academic-clinic.com/2011/06/upcat-mock-test-physics/


Basic Math: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-sample-test-basic-math/

Algebra: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-review-questions-algebra/

Trigonometry and Geometry: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-review-questions-sample-trigonometry-geometry-quiz/

Advanced Algebra and Statistics:  http://academic-clinic.com/2011/06/upcat-sample-quiz-advanced-algebra-and-statistics/


Parts of Speech/General Grammar Rules: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/05/upcat-review-questions-sample-parts-of-speech-general-grammar-rules-quiz/

Syntax and Mechanics: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/05/upcat-sample-questions-syntax-and-mechanics/

Diction and Vocabulary: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/05/upcat-reviewer-sample-quiz-diction-vocabulary/

Reading Comprehension: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/06/upcat-mock-exam-reading-comprehension/

Read more:  ♦101 UPCAT Tips Project on Facebook     ♦Ultimate UPCAT Review Guide


Where Can I Get Free UPCAT Reviewers?



Words are powerful things.  If used properly, they can grab someone’s attention and lead them where you want them to go.  Take the word “free”, for instance.  People love anything that’s given gratis, especially if it’s connected to something important—like the UPCAT.


With all the specialty institutions advertising their services these days, some people may be wondering if there is a more budget-friendly alternative.  Wonder no more.  There are free UPCAT reviewers out there, but there’s a catch involved.


The catch is that while these reviewers are free, they’re not as comprehensive as you’d like them to be.  That’s right:  they’re samples.  Most truly complete review is an investment of time, effort and/or money on the part of the provider and the student.


If you’re still interested in freebies, though, one good place where you can find them is on the Internet.  Ask your friend, Mr. Google, to help you out, and chances are you’ll be lead to websites like this one.  Other websites like this one even have additional resources like videos and lectures to help you out.


Another alternative is the website that hosts the article you’re currently reading.  Academic Clinic has a fine collection of free UPCAT reviewers on various subjects you’ll find in the actual entrance exam.  They’re all neatly summarized on the site’s Facebook page.  For example, you can go to this webpage to polish your geometry and trigonometry skills, fiddle around with chemistry over here and even check your knowledge of biology against the questions provided here.


Lastly, some UP Diliman student organizations may provide reviewers for free.  Thing is, you’ll need to personally attend their program in order to avail of the free reviewer.  UP Sandiwa and UP Kalilayan are two fine examples of these; there are many other orgs out there who will help you.


They say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but that’s because someone else paid the price to provide you with free sample reviewers.  If the ones posted above have whet your appetite for more, there’s always the option to dig deeper into the nitty-gritty of UPCAT review programs.

Free UPCAT Reviewers: Modules and Readings



This is a compilation of Free Readings and Modules for the UPCAT Review.  If you want tips about the UPCAt or if you have any other questions about the UPCAT not related to the review, you can refer to this article:  Ultimate Guide to the UPCAT. If you find the free UPCAT Reviewers and the tips on our site useful, please feel free to share our website with your friends.^^  Please also “like” our Facebook Fanpage to take part in the discussions there and to be updated about the latest news and tips about the UPCAT.^^




Science Modules           Science Readings

Science Module 1             Science Readings 1

Science Module 2             Science Readings 2

Science Module 3             Science Readings 3

Science Module 4             Science Readings 4

Math Modules                 Math Readings

Math Module 1                  Math Readings 1

Math Module 2                  Math Readings 2

Math Module 3                  Math Readings 3

Math Module 4                  Math Readings 4

English Modules           English Readings

English Module 1             English Readings 1

English Module 2             English Readings 2

English Module 3             English Readings 3

English Module 4             English Readings 4

Solution Sets and Answer Keys for Quizzes

Solution Sets

Online UPCAT Review Scholarship from Review Masters



OUR Scholarship – The Sure Way!

by Review Masters, the Philippines’ first Online UPCAT Review (OUR) provider


Vision: Creating equal opportunities for all students!


“Celebrating 10 Years of Helping Filipino Students from All Walks of Life”

Review Masters is known to giving full scholarship to academically excellent students especially to those at the lower-income bracket. Since it started the Classroom UPCAT Review in 2002, Review Masters has been collaborating with school administrators to choose the deserving beneficiaries of its scholarship program. For nine years, Review Masters has awarded more than a hundred scholarships to honor students and to financially-challenged as well.


Why we start OUR Scholarship – The Sure Way!

Because of the proliferation of review centers, not only in Metro Manila but also in far-flung provinces, the playing field called the UPCAT becomes skewed to those who can afford to pay the tuition fees for these review programs. It cannot be denied that students from public schools are now losing their “academic” edge, so to speak. Even those who graduated valedictorians and salutatorians from public schools cannot even make it to the premier university of the land. UP is becoming less and less “university for the masses” because of this hard fact. But Review Masters believe that these students equally deserve to be qualified, if given the opportunity to prepare “more” with “less” time. The potential of these students from public high schools to succeed in college is very high, but they need first to pass the UPCAT!


How our program works

Review Masters is giving away at least 4,000 scholarships to public high school students all over the Philippines this year. Yes, at least 4,000 since the Philippines has 4,422 public secondary schools, aside from the science high schools and the State Universities and Colleges –run high schools. Who are eligible to apply for OUR Scholarship – The Sure Way? Here’s a rundown of the criteria:


1.)    A bona-fide third year high school student of a public school in the Philippines; and

2.)    First or second honor as of School Year 2010-2011


Review Masters requires any applicant to submit a photo or scanned picture of a certificate that verifies criteria 1 and 2. The certificate should state the following and be signed by the principal:


This is to certify that (full name of student) is a bona-fide third year high school student of (full name of school, school address, school’s contact number) and the first (or second) honor of their batch as of school year 2010-2011.

(signed over printed name)


The applicant must submit the said certification either through e-mail (reviewmasters@upcatreview.com) or though facebook by uploading the photo of the certificate at the Review Masters page (http://www.facebook.com/thereviewmasters). Once Review Masters has verified the authenticity of the certificate (that is why it is required to write the contact number of the school), the applicant shall receive a response from Review Masters together with the access code for the Online UPCAT Review Program. This access code is given only to premium members ofwww.upcatreview.com who paid Php1,200.00. The applicant shall become one of the privileged awardees of OUR Scholarship Program so he or she shall no longer pay Php1,200.00 and enjoy the same benefits as those who have paid. To get a glimpse of what’s in store for an Online UPCAT Review student, please visit http://www.upcatreview.com/the-online-upcat-review.


We’ve seen success


As mentioned above, Review Masters has been giving opportunities to bright but financially challenged students for the past nine years and nothing is more satisfying then seeing the fruits of its advocacy. Review Masters has a larger dream and a greater vision – that is to create equal opportunities for all students! With the advent of pioneering the Online UPCAT Review, Review Masters can make this goal very, very possible! Review Masters is confident that every beneficiary of OUR Scholarship – The Sure Way will eventually pass UPCAT – the Sure Way!



UPCAT Review: COPCAT from U.P. Batangan

The Good Book teaches that the way U.P. is down.  That is, people who would be great must take the path of the servant.  There are U.P. orgs that are actually treading this path. One of them is U.P. Batangan.

Incidentally, the org has an UPCAT review program with a unique “requirement” that most other review programs don’t have.  It’s called the COPCAT (Career Orientation Program and College Admissions Test) Review Program.  Read on to find out more about it.

Org Background

U.P. Batangan’s founding members established the socio-civic organization on February 22, 1976.  True to its name, the org exists to promote the welfare, ideals and interests of its members and Batangueños in general, while serving the cause of the common good.

Its various outreach programs range from free consultations, tooth extractions and medications for Batangas-based barangays, to hospital and orphanage outreach activities, to the COPCAT Review Program.  Thanks to activities like these, U.P. Batangan has received university recognition for its social and academic activities, especially the title of “Most Excellent Student Organization” back in 2002.

UPCAT Review Background

The COPCAT review program has been around for many years already.  U.P. Batangan’s Education and Research Committee supervises this annual project.  Ultimately, the program’s purpose is to help fellow Batangueño seniors in their studies by preparing them for the UPCAT and other college entrance tests.

Besides academics, the organization also provides assistance for participants who will be shifting from a high school setting to a state university setting.  This includes offering insights into course preferences and career options.

UPCAT Review Registration Requirements

As far as requirements go, U.P. Batangan only requires that students be from Batangas and pay the registration fee.  The review program is unique in the sense that any high school student may participate in it, even if he or she is not yet a senior.

UPCAT Review Registration Procedure

All participants have to do is to write down their names, the name of their school and their contact details (mobile number and e-mail address) on the form provided.  Once they pay the fee, it will mark the end of the registration process.

UPCAT Review Coverage

The review consists of a mock exam, a discussion and an orientation program.  The mock exam covers the classic UPCAT subjects of science, language, math, reading comprehension and abstract reasoning.  Likewise, the career orientation program offers tips and advice on how to cope with college requirements.  Students may also discuss any topic pertinent to university life.

UPCAT Review Venue

There are several venues involved in the COPCAT Program.  These are usually schools located in the different cities and towns of Batangas.  Last 2010, the org held its review sessions at the First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities in Tanauan,  the ARASOF in Batangas State University  in Nasugbu and at the main campus of Batangas State University in Batangas City and Bauan.  At the time of this article’s writing, the 2011 venue has not been finalized yet.

UPCAT Review Schedule

Last 2010, U.P. Batangan held the COPCAT program on July 3, July 11 and July 25.  Like the 2011 venue, the 2011 schedule is still awaiting confirmation from the org’s incoming Executive Council.  The final date and venue should be confirmed around the last week of June or the early part of July 2011.

Contact Details

Interested parties may contact Mr. Oscar Alex Bejasa at 0916-5542451 or at oscaralexbejasa@yahoo.com.  They may also look the org up at U.P.batangan.multiply.com, U.P.batangan.proboards.com and Facebook.


Mr. Oscar Alex Bejasa of U.P. Batangan,

U.P. Batangan Vice Chairperson for Education and Research

Free UPCAT Review: The UP Kalilayan Core Program

When someone does something nice for us, it’s natural to want to pay that person back.  What do you do if that’s just not possible (say, the person anonymously donated money to you.)?  Another option is to pay it forward.

Organizations like U.P. Kalilayan are in the habit of doing so.  One of their favorite methods involves their UPCAT review—an outreach activity dubbed the Core Program.  There are some interesting nuances behind this program, as you’ll soon find out.

Org Background

U.P. Kalilayan has its roots in Quezon province.  Four Lucena City students founded the organization some 35 years ago.  Its purpose is to promote the growth of the said province through projects such as medical-dental missions and programs like the Core UPCAT review.

The interesting thing is that the current roster of organization members consists of former high school students who participated in and benefitted from the Core Program.  They are now paying it forward out of gratitude.

UPCAT Review Background

The main purpose of the Core Program is to introduce UP Diliman as the top state university to aspiring college students from Quezon province.  It actually started back in 1993.  Its 23rd session will commence this 2011.

U.P. Kalilayan sometimes holds more than one session per year depending on logistics and circumstances, and 2011 is one such year.  The program itself consists of three phases:  a career orientation, the review proper and an exhibit.

UPCAT Review Requirements

The org doesn’t require much from potential participants, save the following:

  • They must be Quezon province students in their third or fourth year of high school.
  • They must present their official school IDs.
  • They need to pay a 50-peso registration fee.

Incidentally, the registration fee will cover their food and all the materials they will use in the review sessions—projectors, booklet, brochure, etc.  The booklet is essentially their review and answer sheet, while the brochure contains a description of the university along with other pertinent bits of information.

UPCAT Review Registration

U.P. Kalilayan usually sends out invites to high schools in Quezon  province.  The interesting thing to note here is that the school officials are the ones who determine whom the participants will be—not the students themselves.  The criteria vary between schools, though they have been known to select their top students.

After the participants have been chosen, all they need to do is to confirm their program attendance via call, SMS or e-mail.  The number of participants is limited to a total of 250 students or so distributed evenly across all high schools.

UPCAT Review Coverage

U.P. Kalilayan usually reserves the career orientation for the morning session. In it, the org introduces participants to different university students and professors via video.  The latter folks talk about U.P. courses, organizations, traditions and other relevant facts about university life.

The mock exam and review proper follows in the afternoon of the same day.  Just like the real UPCAT, the mock test features questions on science, mathematics, abstract reasoning, reading comprehension in English and Filipino and so on.  The students then review the answers to the questions with the org members’ guidance

Finally, the org finishes up by treating the participants to an exhibit of the best that the university has to offer.

UPCAT Review Schedule

This first session of this year’s Core Program will be held on March 12, 2011 from 7:30 in the morning to around 5 or 5:30 in the afternoon.  This is exclusively for district 1 third year high school students.

District 2 fourth year high school students need not worry, as a second session will be held just for them sometime in June of 2011.  The schedule is still being finalized at the time of this article’s writing; it will likely take place a couple of weeks before the actual UPCAT day.

UPCAT Review Venue

Core program review sessions are held in the ORN Hall of Luis Palad National High School in Tayabas Quezon until further notice.

Org Contact Details

For more information on the scheduling and other important aspects of the program, contact Mr. Jiru Rada at jirurada@gmail.com or mobile number 0935-1734339.  You may also contact Ms. Danielle Maano at d.maano@yahoo.com or mobile number 0915-7935071.


Mr. Jiru Rada of U.P. Kalilayan