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Fatima University Application and Entrance Exam Basics

You know the drill:  study or review for the entrance exam, apply at the college in question, pay the fee, get the schedule, take the test, go for the interview, enroll.  That’s how the system works for most universities out there.

The fact is that not all schools follow this tried-and-true screening system.  Occasionally, a school will offer applicants a choice.  Our Lady of Fatima University is one such school.  Let’s take a closer look at its unusual application process.

Fatima Introduction

Interestingly enough, Fatima University had its beginnings in 1967as a general hospital founded by two graduates of other notable universities.  The hospital eventually saw the birth of a School of Nursing that experienced unprecedented success with its student turnout.

Encouraged by this, school’s officials went on to establish the university proper that exists today.  Besides the classic medicine-related courses like nursing, pharmacy and dentistry, the learning institution also offers education in other fields.  Its three campuses offer courses hotel and restaurant management, psychology, education and business administration and others.

By and large, the Valenzuela campus is the most complete of all in terms of courses.

Fatima Admission Requirements

The school will ask you to present the following:

  • form 137A (your high school report card
  • a Certificate of Good Moral Character (from your principal or guidance counselor)
  • a clear photocopy of your birth certificate
  • a clear photocopy of high school diploma
  • a couple of colored 2″ x 2″ ID pictures

Students applying for medicine-related courses at the College of Medicine have a different set of requirements in conjunction with the application form:

  • NMAT Certificate.
  • eight colored 2″x2″ ID photos taken recently (that is, at least a couple of months before application)
  • your original transcript of records from the last attended college (This must show the credits and the degree earned, as well as your fully authenticated special order number.)
  • your original college diploma or certificate of graduation.
  • a clear photocopy of your birth certificate
  • a clear photocopy of your marriage certificate, if you are married.
  • a certificate of eligibility for admission (issued by CHED).
  • a certificate of good moral character accomplished by two former professors in the pre-medical course.

While there is no deadliest deadline for the submission of requirements, applicants are highly encouraged to send them in by the time the enrollment periods roll around.  The second semester 2010-2011 enrollment starts on October 26 and lasts until November 8.  Likewise, the one for school year 2011-2012 starts in April 2011 and lasts until June 2011.

Fatima Application and Entrance Exam Schedule

To apply, simply get the appropriate form from the Admissions Office, pay 720 pesos total—220 pesos for the admission fee and 500 pesos for the medical check-up—and go for the medical examination (x-rays, etc).  The last step is the face-to-face interview.

Notice anything that’s missing?  That’s right:  Fatima University has no entrance exam—provided you have no desire to apply for an optional scholarship.  Assuming you’re eligible for the scholarship, your interviewer will ask you if you want to go ahead with it.

If you say yes, then and only then will you be given an entrance exam of sorts…unless you have fulfilled another condition that the school has set:  your high school grade average meets the criteria listed here. If your average is high enough, then the scholarship is automatically yours to enjoy.

The scholarship exam may only be taken on a Saturday (It has 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. time slots.) from February 2011 to May 2011.  The test covers the standard issue major subjects from high school (English, Science, Mathematics) plus Abstract/Logical Reasoning.

Fatima Provincial Application/Testing Process

Unfortunately, the school has no provincial application process or testing system.  Provincial applicants will need to apply at any of the three available campuses.

Release of Fatima Entrance Exam Results

Exam results should be available a few days after the applicant’s test session—usually by Monday or Tuesday of the following week.  The school encourages applicants to call either its admissions office or its testing office to find things out (Please see contact details below.).

General Fatima Exam Coverage and Feedback

Don’t let the fact that there is no required exam tempt you to underestimate the institution.  As is the case with other schools, it’s one thing to be able to get into the university, and another thing to be able to stay in it.

The university is also known for putting its students through good, old-fashioned hard work throughout the academic training process.  The flipside is that a fair share of the top nursing board examinees comes from Fatima University itself.

Fatima Admissions Office Contact Information

Here is the contact information for the admissions offices in all three Fatima campuses:

Campus Address Phone Number Fax Number E-mail Address
Valenzuela 120 McArthur Highway, Valenzuela City (+632)

2932703-06 = (trunk line connects to all departments)

loc. 110


loc 864 (guidance testing)


291-66-44 (telefax)


Quezon City Hilltop Subdivision, Lagro, Novaliches,
Quezon City


NA admissions@fatima.edu.ph
Antipolo Baranggay. Sta. Cruz, Sumulong Highway,
Antipolo City, Rizal




NA admissions@fatima.edu.ph