I'll be taking this test tomorrow. As what Migs said, this calmed (me) down a bit, too. Thanks.

DOST Exam 2011 Results Update

A lot of you are coming here to look for DOST exam 2011 results (i.e. the DOST Science and Technology Scholarship Exam for SY 2011-2012). Thus, we are writing this post to inform you that – at the moment – the results are not out yet. We have been searching high and low for a DOST press release – anything – about the DOST exam results for 2011, but we haven’t had any luck yet.

In any case, keep checking back regularly. We will update Academic-Clinic.com with information on DOST Exam 2011 results the moment we hear something.

By the way, if anyone out there has information on the DOST S&T scholarship exam results for SY 2011-2012, we will appreciate it if you can let us (and the rest of the Academic-Clinic community) know about it. We have been very fortunate for having helpful readers who update us of important exam-related events (like results availability), so now, we’re asking for your help once again. Just leave a comment in the comment section the moment you know anything specific about the DOST exam results for 2011. Thank you in advance to all of you who will help us! 🙂

UPDATE (March 15, 2011): I have emailed the Scholarship & Technology Scholarship Division. I hope they reply. If they do, I’ll tell you immediately.

Update (March 31, 2011): Still no word. 🙁

If any of you gets word of the results , please, please tell us here so we can update this post with the results link. Thanks!

By the way, dear friends, do not leave your email address in comments (especially if you have not made at least an effort to disguise it) not only here but in other blogs and sites as well; that’s opening yourself up to receiving lots of spam email! Furthermore, we cannot possibly email individuals with results. We can only update this site about results news when it does become available.

Again, an appeal to everyone out there: if you get wind of the results, tell us immediately, okay? Thanks! 🙂

UPDATE (April 1, 2011): Oh, happy day!!!! The results are out, people!!!! Check out the results in the post, DOST 2011 S&T Exam Results Out!