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Philippine College Scholarships: Dominic Savio Scholarship

Someone said that the true measure of greatness lies in helping people who can’t do good to you or pay you back.  It seems that this same principle of service acts as the very basis for philanthropic organizations such as the Dominic Savio Scholarship Foundation.

Potential Bosconians will be pleased to know that a scholarship of the same name exists to help provide financial assistance to them.  Let’s take a closer look at it.

The Nitty-Gritty

1.  Background:  The Don Bosco Salesians are offering this scholarship to deserving yet financially challenged students.  The main point of the scholarship is to help imbue the same spirit of service, responsibility and excellence that motivates the order.

2.  Number of Slots:  The number of available slots tends to vary depending on the amount of funding available.

3.  Application Process:  All the applicant needs to do is to fill up and submit his or her application form to the Office for External Relations, along with the other required documents.  After that,  one needs to wait for and take the three-pronged screening procedure—a combination of an entrance test, panel interview and ocular home visitation.

4.  Deadlines:  The scholarship application process starts around the second or third week of January, with the deadliest deadline falling around the second or third week of March.

5.  Testing Dates:  The actual dates of the entrance exam vary.  According to the scholarship coordinator, the test is usually scheduled a couple of weeks after the applicant sends in all the required documents.  It all depends on how quickly the student can submit the needed paperwork, as well as on the number of vacancies available.

6. Requirements/Documents:  The scholarship has a stringent set of requirements, starting with the status of the applicant.  He or she must be a Filipino citizen possessing good moral character; physical and mental fitness and a minimum general weighted average of 85% without any failing grades.  The applicant also needs to be a member of a low income family.

Aside from the application form, the required documents are as follows:

a.)    A couple of recent, colored 2×2 mug shots, the latest copy of one’s grades (one’s transcript of records) with no failing marks;

b.)    The parents’ or guardians’ most recent BIR Certification or Income Tax Return

c.)    A recommendation from the applicant’s parish priest

d.)   Written certification of Good Moral Character from the dean or principal of the applicant’s previous school.

Give and Take

Applicants who make the cut will have their tuition and other school fees waived for the duration of their chosen course.  They’ll also receive other kinds of support in the form of school supplies, textbooks, uniforms, meals and—if need be—lodging.
On the other hand, scholars must assume the full academic load of their chosen course every semester and pass each and every required subject.  They are also required to participate actively in the Don Bosco Scholars’ Association.

Applicants have several options as far as inquiries go:  they may get in touch with the Office for External Relations or the Office of the Scholarship Director.  Simply call the trunk line at (632) 531-8081 and ask to be connected to either office, or fax the offices at (632) 531-6644.

The latter office may also be reached at (632) 532-5937, which is a telefax number.  Just ask for Mrs. Maria Nova Averilla-Mapa, the scholarship coordinator.

Should applicants prefer to e-mail the Don Bosco staff, they may do so at  The Office of the Scholarship Coordinator may be reached at  Students may also send them a question via their website:

Finally, dropping by in person may is another good alternative.  Both offices are located within the Don Bosco Technical College compound along #736 General Kalentong Street, Barangay Pag-asa, Mandaluyong City.