kahit sobrang late na to, (as in sobra!), gusto ko pa ring mag-thank you sa acad clinic sa pagtulong sa kin sa pagpasa sa upcat. di ako nakasali sa mga review centers at self-study lang ako kaya naman ganun ako kasaya nung nakapasa ako. thanks sa mga tips at quizzes sa site nyo. ituloy nyo lang ang gnagawa nyo. patuloy nyong bigyan ng pag-asa ang mga gustong makapag-aral sa UP. thanks a lot! :D

by Angie Oruga on www.facebook.com/academic.clinic

DLSUCET Reconsideration Process

DLSU logoThere’s something inside all of us that recognize the need for second chances.  Even DLSU recognizes this.  That is why the school offers entrance exam- takers another chance to land a slot in the university if their first attempt didn’t exactly go according to plan.


As with most other schools, the reconsideration process is for students who don’t quite make the cut when the DLSUCET results are released in January.  There is at least one aspect of this particular process that sets it apart from others, though.  You’ll find out why in a moment.


Reconsideration or Retake?


You may be surprised to know that the DLSUCET reconsideration process will not ask you to submit any letter of intent.  In fact, all it’ll really ask you to do is to take the test again.  You heard me right.  The reconsideration process is more of a retake than anything else.


To apply for this, simply check your test results on the DLSU website.  They should automatically indicate whether you’re eligible for reconsideration or not.  If you are, get a copy from the reconsideration form from the Admissions Office (or download it online), fill it up, turn it in and pay the school staff 300 pesos for the retest fee.  Make sure to have your original DLSUCET test permit ready and a couple of passport-size ID pictures.


Do your best to meet or exceed the cut-off this time around.  If you still don’t make the grade after your second attempt, then the school will allow you no further attempts during the year.  You may try applying elsewhere and transferring back to DLSU after a year or so, but that’s another story altogether.


Evaluation and Inquiries


Note that even if you do well on the second test, the Admissions Committee will still have the final say.  Your acceptance will also depend on your requirements, your academic record and the available slots of the program of your choice.


The reconsideration period starts sometime in January (right after the results are announced) and lasts until February or March.  DLSU Admissions staff members readily acknowledge that the schedules may be different for this year.  For inquiries, contact the Admissions Office at (632) 523-4230 or (632) 524-4611-19 locals 166 or 167.  E-mail goes to admissions@dlsu.edu.ph.






Ms. Vanessa of DLSU Admissions Office