I wish I had access to this informative post before I took the UPCAT.

Philippine College Scholarships: Dean Julieta D. Tadle Memorial Scholarship

Learning institutions are very much willing to grant financial assistance to students provided the latter fulfill certain conditions.  Besides the usual minimum maintaining average requirement, some scholarships also require that the scholar pursue specific courses during their academic tenure.

Central Escolar University (CEU) has one such scholarship for students who wish to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to everyone:    It’s called the Dean Julieta D. Tadle Memorial Scholarship (henceforth referred to as DJDTMS).  Let’s take a look at the finer details of its system.

The Details in Summary

1. Background:  Currently, DJDTMS is only reserved for a student enrolled in BS Nutrition and Dietetics courses.  I said “a student” because of point number two…

2. Number of Slots:  CEU only offers a single slot for a single student for that student’s entire tenure at the University, making it a highly coveted slot, indeed.  That slot is presently occupied and will be subject to review once that scholar graduates.

3. Application Process:  Simply file your college application at the Application and Placement Department of the office of the Dean of Colleges slash Programs Promotion.  Submit all the required paperwork as listed below.  The process is really no different from applying at CEU normally.

4. Deadlines and testing info/dates:  The deadliest deadlines for submitting all paperwork is the last week of May.  The actual dates for testing tend to vary, but they normally fall on the months of March to May.

5. Required Documents:  With respect to paperwork, the potential scholar needs to present a valid edition of Form 138 and proof of his or her need for financial assistance.  Evidence of the latter will come in the form of the parents’ Income Tax return and/or written certification from the applicant’s barangay captain.

Two forms of written certification are also needed.  The first form must vouch for the applicant’s good moral character; the second one must elaborate on the applicant’s ranking vis-à-vis other graduating students in his or her batch (and must also be signed by the principal of the student’s high school).

6.  Non-tangible requirements:  To be considered eligible for the DJDTMS, applicants must be Filipino citizens.  They must also possess good health and good moral standing.  Finally, they must not be availing of any other forms of financial aid from CEU at the time of their application.  The screening committee will also scrutinize the applicant’s level of participation in extra-curricular activities.

Please note that the applicant’s case will still be subjected to a three-step process of screening and approval by a committee, the CEU Dean and the descendants of Dean Tadle.

Privileges and Obligations

Recipients of this scholarship will relish the reality of having their tuition and other miscellaneous fees waived.  They’ll also receive a book allowance of one thousand pesos per semester, plus a five hundred peso monthly stipend to boot.  To top all of those off, they’ll be awarded an additional three thousand pesos upon graduation, plus an extra two thousand if they manage to graduate with honors.

Lest you think that this is a free lunch, know that CEU will expect them to maintain a minimum weighted average of 2.0 and a minimum of 2.25 on all individual grades.

Personal Contact or Otherwise

Word has it that CEU is working on updating the scholarship details and requirements by next year, so feel free to get in touch with them to check for updates.  Call them at 735-6877 and look for the Project Coordinator, Ms. Lucia D. Gonzales.  You may e-mail her at ldgonzales@ceu.edu.ph.

Alternatively, you may also get in touch with Mr. Roland Ordanez of the Office of Nutrition and Hospitality Management at 7363129.

If you’d rather talk to them in person, dropping by the school is fine, too.  The CEU campus is located at Number 9 Mendiola Street, Manila.