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Database Administrator

Database Administrator

Database Administrator Description


Course Classification:

Computer Science & Technolog

Course Description:

If you want to become a database administrator, then you need to take up B.S. Computer Science in college. This course will not only teach you about the basics of computer and computer programming, but it will also teach you about their principles and applications. In addition to these, B.S. computer science also teaches students advanced math, computer architecture, computer networking, computer software and hardware, operating systems, among others.

Cost of Education:

A full four-year course of B.S. Computer Science is going to cost you about P110,000 to as much as P300,000. The cost is, of course, going to depend upon the institution. If you enroll at a private institution, it’s going to cost you more, compared to public ones.

Top Universities for Course:

  • The top universities for B.S. Computer Science are University of the Philippines, both in Diliman and Los Banos; De La Sale University, Manila; Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City; and Cebu Institute of Technology, Cebu. You could also try AMA University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and FEU East Asia College.


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Course Skills and Factors


Skills/Physical Attributes:

  • Ability to not only understand the data presented to him but to also find connections between dissimilar events and come up with a practical solution.
  • Ability to recognize computer problems or glitches.
  • Can fully concentrate on a task with an eye for detail.
  • Logical and analytical mind.
  • Good rapport and communication skills with people, both written and oral.
  • Skill in applying general rules to computer problems and come up with solutions that not only make sense but are also practical.
  • Good knowledge of the computer and technical skills.



  • The main responsibility of a database administrator is to work with the computer database and software. He is responsible for identifying user needs as well as setting up the database and seeing to it that the software is working properly. In addition to these, he also sees to it that the security measures of the database are excellent and that the data are secure and safe. If there are system problems, he is responsible for identifying and troubleshooting the problem.



Career Outlook and Global Demand


Global Demand:

There are a lot of demand for database administrators as more and more industries become dependent on technology and computers. Countries that are always in need of database administrators include Papua New Guinea, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Locally, industries that are in need of skilled database administrators are the medical industry, hotel and restaurant industry, public administration and defense, as well as the transport industry, among others.

Expected Salary:

Entry-level database administrators could earn as much as P35,000 to about P40,000 each month. Abroad, the salary is about $6,000 monthly.

Opportunities for Advancement:

From an entry-level database administrator, you could advance to a managerial or supervisory position. Some examples of these positions include chief technology officer, computer specialist, or as an independent consultant.