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UPCAT Review: COPCAT from U.P. Batangan

The Good Book teaches that the way U.P. is down.  That is, people who would be great must take the path of the servant.  There are U.P. orgs that are actually treading this path. One of them is U.P. Batangan.

Incidentally, the org has an UPCAT review program with a unique “requirement” that most other review programs don’t have.  It’s called the COPCAT (Career Orientation Program and College Admissions Test) Review Program.  Read on to find out more about it.

Org Background

U.P. Batangan’s founding members established the socio-civic organization on February 22, 1976.  True to its name, the org exists to promote the welfare, ideals and interests of its members and Batangueños in general, while serving the cause of the common good.

Its various outreach programs range from free consultations, tooth extractions and medications for Batangas-based barangays, to hospital and orphanage outreach activities, to the COPCAT Review Program.  Thanks to activities like these, U.P. Batangan has received university recognition for its social and academic activities, especially the title of “Most Excellent Student Organization” back in 2002.

UPCAT Review Background

The COPCAT review program has been around for many years already.  U.P. Batangan’s Education and Research Committee supervises this annual project.  Ultimately, the program’s purpose is to help fellow Batangueño seniors in their studies by preparing them for the UPCAT and other college entrance tests.

Besides academics, the organization also provides assistance for participants who will be shifting from a high school setting to a state university setting.  This includes offering insights into course preferences and career options.

UPCAT Review Registration Requirements

As far as requirements go, U.P. Batangan only requires that students be from Batangas and pay the registration fee.  The review program is unique in the sense that any high school student may participate in it, even if he or she is not yet a senior.

UPCAT Review Registration Procedure

All participants have to do is to write down their names, the name of their school and their contact details (mobile number and e-mail address) on the form provided.  Once they pay the fee, it will mark the end of the registration process.

UPCAT Review Coverage

The review consists of a mock exam, a discussion and an orientation program.  The mock exam covers the classic UPCAT subjects of science, language, math, reading comprehension and abstract reasoning.  Likewise, the career orientation program offers tips and advice on how to cope with college requirements.  Students may also discuss any topic pertinent to university life.

UPCAT Review Venue

There are several venues involved in the COPCAT Program.  These are usually schools located in the different cities and towns of Batangas.  Last 2010, the org held its review sessions at the First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities in Tanauan,  the ARASOF in Batangas State University  in Nasugbu and at the main campus of Batangas State University in Batangas City and Bauan.  At the time of this article’s writing, the 2011 venue has not been finalized yet.

UPCAT Review Schedule

Last 2010, U.P. Batangan held the COPCAT program on July 3, July 11 and July 25.  Like the 2011 venue, the 2011 schedule is still awaiting confirmation from the org’s incoming Executive Council.  The final date and venue should be confirmed around the last week of June or the early part of July 2011.

Contact Details

Interested parties may contact Mr. Oscar Alex Bejasa at 0916-5542451 or at  They may also look the org up at, and Facebook.


Mr. Oscar Alex Bejasa of U.P. Batangan,

U.P. Batangan Vice Chairperson for Education and Research