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Computer Technician Course and Career Info

Computer Technician

Computer Technician Course and Career Info Description


Course Classification:

Computer Science & Technolog

Course Description:

To be a computer technician, you need to take up a technical or vocational course that focuses on basic computer programming as well as computer hardware servicing. These courses will teach you not only the basics in computers, its software and hardware components, but computer programming as well. You will be taught how to identify, diagnose, and solve common computer problems.

Cost of Education:

Depending upon the institution where you’ll enroll yourself in, the cost of education can range anywhere from P40,000 to even as high as P60,000 each semester in a private university. Public institutions offer the same courses at about 20% to even as low as 40% cheaper.

Top Universities for Course:

  • Top IT schools that offer computer-related courses include University of the Philippines, De La Sale University, Ateneo de Manila University, and Asia Pacific College. For vocational and technical courses, you could also try universities that offer TESDA short courses such as the University of Perpetual Help.


Top Universities Link:


Course Skills and Factors


Skills/Physical Attributes:

  • Ability to multitask, especially since you’ll be handling multiple computers that need repairs.
  • Good rapport and communication skills.
  • Patience.
  • Analytical mind to identify problems and find solutions.
  • Good knowledge of computer brands as well as types of computers and their operating systems.
  • Good knowledge of the different hardware and software applications.
  • Good technical skills in troubleshooting and repairing computers.
  • Familiar with computer viruses and how to remove them from the computer system.



  • The main responsibility of a computer technician is to troubleshoot, analyze, and repair damaged or dysfunctional computers. It is also the computer technician’s responsibility to not only download computer applications from the Net but also to install and make sure that the application is working properly. Other responsibilities include assembling computer parts, checking and maintaining computer and networks, as well as giving advice on proper computer care.



Career Outlook and Global Demand


Global Demand:

Locally, there is a good demand for computer technicians since companies are now more dependent on computers. As for job opportunities aboard, some countries that are in need of skilled computer technicians are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Expected Salary:

Computer technicians usually earn P400 per day, but if you are highly skilled, your daily income could increase to P500. If you go abroad, you could earn as much as $18 per hour, depending upon the company.

Opportunities for Advancement:

From entry-level computer technician, you could advance to senior technician or even land a supervisory position if you perform well.