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by Lester James V. Miranda on www.facebook.com/academic.clinic


Besides learning institutions, the government is usually one of the best sources of financial assistance for poor yet deserving students.  In fact, certain departments have their names affixed to scholarship grants, making for easy sponsor identification.

Speaking of which, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has its own State Scholarship Program (henceforth referred to as the SSP) for worthy applicants.  Read on for more details.

Scholarship Details

1. Background:

Republic Act 4090 (aptly named the State Scholarship Law) CHED Order Number 23  are both responsible for bringing the SSP into being.  Basically, the program was designed to assist financially challenged, yet diligent students attend and complete certain priority courses at select higher education institutions (HEIs).

2. Qualifications:

Applicants may qualify for the SSP provided they meet the following criteria:

  • They are Filipino citizens.
  • They are about to attend their freshman year at college.
  • They belong to the top 10 of their senior year high school’s graduating class.
  • They intend to enroll in any of the priority courses at selected HEIs.
  • They are no older than 25 years old at the time of their application.
  • The combined gross annual income of their parents or legal guardians is no greater than 120,000 pesos.

For a list of participating HEIs, kindly refer to CHED’s listing on this webpage.

3. Required Documents:

The necessary paperwork is standard issue stuff.  It includes:

  • Written certification of the applicant’s senior year high school class ranking prepared by the principal of the applicant’s high school
  • Written certification of the applicant’s good moral character, again prepared by the same principal
  • The most recent BIR statement (income tax return) of the applicant’s parents or legal guardian (s)
  • Written certification of the applicant’s good health prepared by a licensed government physician
  • Recent 2 x 2 ID photos for the scholarship application form

4. Procedure:

Applying for the SSP is a pretty straightforward process.  Your first order of business is to obtain your application form from the CHED regional office (CHEDRO) nearest you.  Alternatively, you may also approach your high school principal and request for the application form from him or her.

Fill up the form completely and submit it to the CHEDRO in question.  Once that’s done, just wait for notification of the results. It’s that simple.

Benefits, Privileges and CHED Contact Details

The good news is that the SSP will cover the tuition of every successful applicant.  The bad news is that it doesn’t cover other school fees and miscellaneous fees.  Don’t fret, though:  scholars will also receive a book allowance amounting to 250 pesos and a stipend of 2,500 pesos on top of their tuition coverage.

Please note that the SSP details may change by the time you read this article, so it’s a good idea to check with the commission every so often for updates.  Should you have any questions about this scholarship program, feel free to contact the CHED people by e-mailing them at info@ched.gov.ph.

If you’d rather contact them via phone, here is a listing of all the phone numbers I was able to obtain:

  • (02) 441-0750
  • (02) 441-0879
  • (02) 441-0985
  • (02) 441-1030
  • (02) 441-1192
  • (02) 441-1224
  • (02) 441-1231
  • (02) 441-1254
  • (02) 441-1256-57
  • (02) 441-1369
  • (02) 441-1405
  • (02) 426 9865
  • (02) 441-0927
  • (02) 743-3220