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Philippine College Scholarships: CHED-SSP

A wise person once told me that everything has its price, even if that price isn’t always shouldered by the person who‘s after the coveted thing.  Sometimes, the price involves money; other times, it involves working hard enough to become part of the cream of the crop, and enjoying all the privileges and benefits associated with that.

You are currently reading the fourth and final part of our CHED Financial Assistance series.  We conclude this mini-series with a closer look at CHED’s very own State Scholarship Program, otherwise known as the SSP.

Scholarship Details

1.  Background:  Like its fellow CHED grants, the SSP is a direct result of a republic act (also referred to as the State Scholarship Law or RA 4090) and a CHED Order (number 3).  Basically, it targets the top performers of a high school’s graduating class.  While it has many factors in common with the PESFA and SSGD, it only targets one specific year level.

2.  Qualifications:  All incoming college freshmen are eligible for the SSP so long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be ranked among the top ten students of their senior year high school class.
  • They must not already be recipients of any other grant or scholarship.
  • The gross annual income of their legal guardians or parents must be no higher than 120,000 pesos.
  • They must be enrolled in a CHED priority course (or at least they must plan to enroll in one) at CHED-selected public higher education institutions.  Please refer to this PDF file for a listing of such colleges.
  • They should be no older than twenty-five at the time of their loan application.

3.  Necessary Documents:  CHED will require the following paperwork from all applicants:

  • Written certification from the students’ high school principal attesting to their ranking in their senior year high school class
  • Written certification of the applicants’ good moral character, also accomplished by their high school principal
  • Written certification of the students’ good health, as attested to by a government doctor
  • The latest income tax return of their parents or legal guardians
  • 2 x 2 ID photos

4.  Application Process:  The general application process hasn’t changed for the SSP.  The first thing to do is to get an application form from either the CHED regional office (CHEDRO) nearest you or the office of your high school principal.  Fill the said form up completely, gather all the documents you need (as detailed above), submit everything to the CHEDRO and await the results.

Privileges and Contact Details

The SSP will help subsidize the scholars’ expenses in at least three ways:  tuition, book allowance (250 pesos) and a stipend (2,500 pesos).  Unfortunately, the SSP doesn’t cover school fees and miscellaneous fees.

If you have any questions about the SSP, feel free to e-mail CHED at  If you have trouble contacting them that way, you may try calling them at (+632) 441-0750 or (+632) 441-1030.  Inquires about CHED regional offices go to Miss MJ of the Office of Student Services at (+632) 385-4388 or (+632) 441-1220.