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Philippine College Scholarships: CHED-PESFA

A few articles back, I discussed a couple of government-sponsored scholarship grants offered by the Department of Science and Technology.  Thing is, the DOST isn’t the only government unit that provides financial assistance to financially challenged, yet deserving students.

This article will be the first entry in a multi-part series on the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED’s) scholarship grants.  The first grant on our plate will be the Private Education Student Financial Assistance Program (henceforth known as PESFA).

Scholarship Details

1. Background:  Republic Act 6728 and CHED Order Number 03 both helped establish the PESFA, a grant specifically directed at teachers and students in the private education sector.

For a listing of all accredited schools, please go here.  Kindly note that the list was last updated on October-November 2009.

2. Qualifications:  Incoming college freshmen are eligible for the PESFA if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are bona fide Filipino citizens.
  • They are no older than thirty years old at the time of their application.
  • The gross annual income of their guardians or parents does not exceed 120,000 pesos.
  • They are already enrolled in (or they’re at least intending to enroll in) any of the CHED priority courses at a CHED-accredited college.

3. Documents:  Applicants only need to present four simple documents:

    1. Form 138 (otherwise known as their high school report card)
    2. the latest BIR Income Tax Return form of their parents or guardians
    3. written certification of their good moral character as accomplished by their high school principal
    4. at least one recent 2 x 2 ID photo for the application form.

4. Application Process:  Applying for a slot in the PESFA program is also simple.  The first order of business is to check if your college is an accredited Higher Education Institution (HEI) authorized to administer the PESFA.  Please refer to this list or check with CHED (Kindly see below for the institution’s e-mail address).

Assuming it is, kindly secure an application form for the said program.  There are several ways of going about this.  For one thing, you may obtain a form from the Registrar’s Office of your accredited college.  You may also secure a copy of the said form from the CHED regional office nearest you.  Another alternative is to download the form from the CHED official website.

Regardless of how you get it, though, simply accomplish the form in full and submit it along with all the other necessary documents back to either the same Registrar’s Office which gave you the form or the accredited college of your choice.

Scholar Privileges and Contact Details

The PESFA provides a three-pronged system of benefits for chosen scholars.  First of all, the grant provides for a partial subsidization of tuition and other school-related fees of up to 4,500 pesos.  Second, scholars will also enjoy a 250-peso book allowance.  Finally, they will receive a stipend worth 2,500 pesos.

If you have any questions about the PESFA or any of CHED’s other scholarship grants, drop them a line at