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CHED Student Financial Assistance Programs (StuFAPs)

ched stufap scholarships

1.  Scholarship Background

This is financed by Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and for students who got top scores in the NCAE.

 2.  Number of Slots: No specific number

 3.  Courses Covered: Any Course

 4.  Schools Covered: Any School

 5.  Scholarship Benefits:

A. Full Scholarship (Full Merit): 15,000 per semester

B. Half (Half Merit):   7,500 per semester

C. Grant- in Aid Programs

a. Study grant program for single parents and their dependents:  6,000 per semester

b.  DND-CHED-PASUC Study grant program :  2,500 per semester

c. OPAPP-CHED Study grant program for rebel returnees :  5,000 per semester

D. Study Now Pay Later Plan (SNPLP):  7,500 per semester

 6.  Qualifications:

• Must have Filipino Citizenship
• A graduating or graduate highschool student

• Must not be more than 30 yrs old at the time of application except for CHED OPAPPSGPRR;

  • Entering freshmen and/or college student in any curricular year level

• At least 80% GWA based on Form 138 and an NCAE score of:

a. 80-84% – grant-in-aid and student loan programs

b. 85% above – half merit

c. 90% above – full merit

• Combined Yearly Gross Income of Parents/Guardian not to exceed P300,000.00;
• For student-borrower:
a. must enter into a loan agreement with CHEDRO; and
b. must have a co-borrower who is a member of SSS/GSIS in good standing (at least paying contribution for six (6) months for the last 12 months)
• not a beneficiary of other government scholarship or grant.

*  Must have good moral character

 7.  Requirements:

• High School Report Card or Form 138

• Accomplished StuFAPs Application OSS Form 01
• Certificate of National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE)
• Official copy of last semester’s grades as issued by school registrar
• Latest BIR Annual Income Tax Return or Certificate of Exemption of parents and or guardian

• Certified true copy of grades during the previous semester attended (SNPLP only)
• Notarized contract between CHED and student-borrower (SNPLP only)
• Proof of SSS/GSIS premium contribution of co-borrower (SNPLP only)
• Certification of co-borrower either SSS/GSIS member

• Good moral character Certificate

8.  Obligations:

It is said that guidelines will be discussed if the applicant passed all the process to be one of the grantees.

9.  Scholarship Application and Exam Schedule:

Qualified applicants must submit all the needed documents to CHED Office.

Exam Schedule: No data

10.  Scholarship Exam Coverage: No data

11.  Scholarship Contact Details:

For more information, visit CHED website

For more questions, contact…



Telefax. # (02) 441-1177; (02) 351-7413

email: chairperson[at]