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by Lester James V. Miranda on www.facebook.com/academic.clinic

UST Survival Guide: Living Near the UST Campus

UST or University of Santo Tomas is situated at España Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila.  The location is known to be prime and ideal especially to those who are in the thick of things and enjoy the busy lifestyle.  The area outside of UST, however, is very prone to floods.  Students who happen to live near the campus can attest to the fact that during rainy season, there is a tendency for the classes to be suspended.  The reason for this may be blamed for poor drainage and geography, but although this is a given, it is undeniably true that many parents and students still appreciate the university for its ability to produce top students in different fields.

Where to Eat and Unwind

Nowadays, UST is a far cry than what it used to be.  Gone are the days when you simply go to the canteen or cafeteria for a meal.  The university has evolved into a more student-friendly place especially in terms of food choices.  Inside UST, you can find Goldilocks, Tokyo Tokyo, Reyes Barbecue, Mc Donald’s, Rice in a Box, and many more.

Thomasians find it a treat as well to be surrounded by hip places to hang out during their free time such as the Pacific Suites and Shakey’s.  Mayrics is for those who enjoy listening to bands while hanging out with friends.  There are plenty of food establishments around UST including Jollibee, Mini Stop, and Mc Donald’s.  There are also numerous food kiosks and eateries in Dapitan wherein students who are craving for home-cooked meals can go to.  Those who are in a budget truly appreciate the small side streets that serve inexpensive food because they can save up their allowance.

Living near UST

There are plenty of dormitories, boarding houses, and apartments within the vicinity of UST.  Students particularly find renting a place near the university quite practical.  Since classes normally get suspended due to floods, Thomasians find it a treat to be able to go home immediately upon learning that classes have been cancelled.  Developers are presently capitalizing on having townhouses and condominiums near UST because they know that the school remains to be a top choice among those who want to have affordable and good quality education.  Some of the establishments near UST are the España Grand Residences, University Tower 2, Crown Tower University Belt, etcetera.

Others are wondering why the University of Santo Tomas is still one of the most preferred schools despite its reputation of being a flood prone area.  To date, there are countless successful Thomasians who made a name for themselves in the field of medicine, journalism, politics, and more.  This is just an indication that the school is indeed an institution that provides high caliber education while instilling sound values to its students.  UST, with its sterling reputation, is the only Pontifical university in Asia that continues to shine and embrace change with the intention of giving its students nothing but unparalleled excellence in the field of education.