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Philippine College Scholarships: ADMU Academic Science Scholarship

Every semester, Ateneo students face the blues of long lines and pursuing the classes and the professors of choice.  Fortunately, numerous blessings abound for those who set their sights on the principle of abundance.  Some of these blessings fall under the category of financial aid.

While the Ateneo offers several kinds of scholarships, I’ll be focusing on one specific scholarship that science geeks may wish to take advantage of:  the ADMU Academic Science Scholarship.

The Details in a Nutshell

1.  Background:  The gracious staff at the Office of Admission and Aid told me that it is properly referred to as “academic scholarship instead of “academic science scholarship.”  Regardless of how you choose to call it, however, it’s still open to graduates of both Jesuit-run institutions and science high schools.

2.  Number of Slots:  This is a highly variable number, as the slot count largely depends on the amount of funds available.  The best way to find out would be to check with the Office of Admission and Aid (please see below.)

3.  Application Process:  Applying for the scholarship is as simple as applying for a slot in the Ateneo college.  Simply ask for an application form, pay the fee, complete the form and send it in with all the other documents they need.  The only real difference is that you’ll need to present additional documents (please see below.)

4.  Deadlines:  The application process starts in June, so potential scholars need to have all their requirements in by the second week of August.

5.  Testing Dates:  Don’t worry, there’s no special test for potential scholars.  All you have to do is to take the ACET as usual.  It usually falls around the middle of August or September.

6. Requirements/Documents:  Applicants will need to present the following:  the completed application form and exam permit, written certification from their high school principal vouching for their academic standing and five hundred pesos for the fee.  After that, register for the ACET and take it.  The school will also ask you to sign a contract.

There exists an additional requirement for applicants from science high schools:  they must remain true to their calling by pursuing a course subsumed under the School of Science and Engineering.  Once a scientist, always a scientist.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Applicants can enjoy total or partial financial assistance depending on their academic title or rank and the amount of funds available to the sponsor.  Specifically, valedictorians get one hundred percent of their tuition and other fees waived, while salutatorians get a fifty percent discount on everything.

It’s not a free lunch, however.  Scholars need to earn a minimum Quality Point Index of 2.5 for their first academic year and a minimum of 2.75 for their subsequent years.  There should be no eyesores like failing grades (F), borderline passing grades (D) or withdrawals without permission.

Personal Contact

If there’s anything you need to clarify, getting in touch with the Ateneo staff via phone really helps.  Feel free to call them at the 426-6001 trunk line, and then follow the instructions of the recorded voice or press zero to talk to the operator and ask to be connected to the Loyola Schools Office of Admission and Aid.

It doesn’t hurt to drop by the Ateneo campus, either.  The admissions office may be found along Kostka Hall, College of Arts and Sciences, Ateneo campus, along Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Ateneo Scholarships

For some, studying in an Ivy League University like Ateneo is nothing short of a dream.  And yet, there are those who deserve such an education but who don’t possess the financial means to avail of it.  What about them?

The Good Book tells us to “Ask and ye shall receive.”  In other words, one alternative is to apply for a scholarship.  The Ateneo doesn’t offer financial aid to just anyone, though.  As with the normal registration procedure, there are certain requirements that must first be met.

ADMU Scholarship Application

Applying for financial aid per se is a relatively simple task:  just fill up the scholarship form and submit it along with the regular application form.  You may download the former from the Ateneo website for free.

There are other requirements that you need to submit along with the said form, however.  These include:  a letter from one or both parents detailing your need for financial assistance, a couple of scholarship recommendations, certificates of compensation and employment from your parents and a certificate of payment tax withheld (or an income tax return).

Of course, the school won’t ask you for the latter two requirements if the parent or parents involved aren’t working.

A word of caution:  don’t assume that the school will automatically accept your application just because you’ve submitted all the paperwork.  The powers-that-be will still need to check out your ACET scores, your performance in high school and certain intangible qualities you possess (read: attitude).

Types of Ateneo Scholarships

Depending on the above factors, the university may award the applicant with partial or full tuition exemptions and then some.  The extras come in the form of allowances for books and transportation, and sometimes even a combination of those.

Do note that there are other forms of financial aid available:  athletes, high performers of science high schools or other Jesuit institutions and DOST exam-takers may also avail of special scholarships.  The DOST case is especially interesting—exam passers may enjoy the DOST scholarship on top of the Ateneo one.  How’s that for fun?

Sometimes, excelling students will find themselves automatically awarded Freshman Merit Scholarships thanks to scholarship review committee decisions.  The case of Roselle Ambubuyog is one such instance.

I was still in college when I’d heard of this prodigy.  Her scholastic record, grit and determination won the hearts of the committee over, and the school deemed it fit to offer her a full scholarship with all the trimmings.  It’s interesting to note that another prestigious university also offered her financial aid at the same time, but since the latter was a partial scholarship, Ms. Ambubuyog opted to study in the Ateneo instead.

Going for Broke

In the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” Will Smith’s character advises his son to go after what he wants, and never to let anyone tell him that he can’t do it.  This is sound advice for potential Ateneans as well.

If you’re dead set on studying at the Ateneo and you have a good academic record and the right attitude to match, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll get the financial help you need.  Go ahead and ask, by all means.  You’ll be glad you did.