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ACET Reconsideration Process

One of the nice things about taking a difficult test—the ACET, for instance—is the fact that you can plead your case before school authorities if you don’t quite measure up to their standards.  Like its fellow universities, the Ateneo de Manila University has a reconsideration option for those who think they should have received a different status.


The reconsideration process is simple enough.  If you think you deserve another chance, then type out a letter of appeal and specify why you believe your case should be considered.  List your best reasons.  If possible include other written recommendation letters for a stronger case (This step is optional, but it wouldn’r hurt).  Address your letter to the Director of the Office of Admission and Aid (OAA), Father Nemesio Que, S.J.


Take your letter to the aforementioned office and leave it with the nice folks there.  After that, all you need to do is to wait.  The Appeals Committee will review your letter and determine if your reasons are valid enough for acceptance.  If it meets their standards, the Office will contact you to inform you of the good news (Unfortunately, the standards of the Appeals Committee are hush-hush at this point.  No one seems to know what they are except for committee members themselves.).


Before you get all excited and write that letter, here’s a word of warning:  you can only apply for reconsideration if your status is “waitlisted.”  That’s right.  The school authorities won’t consider appeals from anyone who flunked the ACET in the first place.


As far as scheduling goes, the OAA starts accepting appeals soon after the ACET results are announced, which is sometime in January.  The deadline for submitting appeals falls sometime around the end of March.


You may be asking if there’s any hope for those who don’t pass the ACET.  There is, but it will involve some delayed gratification.  For cases like these, the OAA recommends studying in another school for a year.


If, after one year, you are still interested in studying at Ateneo, you may secure an application for transfer.  The application process is basically the same for transferees as it is for new freshmen (meaning you’ll need to take the test again) but at least it’s the closest thing to having “another shot” at what you really want.



Ms. Lai of Office of Admission and Aid