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Sample ACET General Info Exam

Ateneo De Manila UniversityThis is a sample exam of the ACET general info section.

For tips and information about the Ateneo College Entrance Test please refer to our ACET information section.  This site is totally free, please dont forget to share this with your classmates.: )

General Information Quiz

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ACET Reconsideration Process

One of the nice things about taking a difficult test—the ACET, for instance—is the fact that you can plead your case before school authorities if you don’t quite measure up to their standards.  Like its fellow universities, the Ateneo de Manila University has a reconsideration option for those who think they should have received a different status.


The reconsideration process is simple enough.  If you think you deserve another chance, then type out a letter of appeal and specify why you believe your case should be considered.  List your best reasons.  If possible include other written recommendation letters for a stronger case (This step is optional, but it wouldn’r hurt).  Address your letter to the Director of the Office of Admission and Aid (OAA), Father Nemesio Que, S.J.


Take your letter to the aforementioned office and leave it with the nice folks there.  After that, all you need to do is to wait.  The Appeals Committee will review your letter and determine if your reasons are valid enough for acceptance.  If it meets their standards, the Office will contact you to inform you of the good news (Unfortunately, the standards of the Appeals Committee are hush-hush at this point.  No one seems to know what they are except for committee members themselves.).


Before you get all excited and write that letter, here’s a word of warning:  you can only apply for reconsideration if your status is “waitlisted.”  That’s right.  The school authorities won’t consider appeals from anyone who flunked the ACET in the first place.


As far as scheduling goes, the OAA starts accepting appeals soon after the ACET results are announced, which is sometime in January.  The deadline for submitting appeals falls sometime around the end of March.


You may be asking if there’s any hope for those who don’t pass the ACET.  There is, but it will involve some delayed gratification.  For cases like these, the OAA recommends studying in another school for a year.


If, after one year, you are still interested in studying at Ateneo, you may secure an application for transfer.  The application process is basically the same for transferees as it is for new freshmen (meaning you’ll need to take the test again) but at least it’s the closest thing to having “another shot” at what you really want.



Ms. Lai of Office of Admission and Aid

ACET Results for AY 2011-2012 Freshmen

The results of the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) for the AY 2011-2012 intake year are out. To find out if you are one of the accepted and waitlisted applicants for this coming schoolyear, go to the ACET results page or copy and paste http://ls.ateneo.edu/acet_results.php onto your URL bar.

Once there, search for your name by doing the following:

  1. Enter your last name (with suffix, if applicable; e.g. III for “the third”) into the Last Name field.
  2. Enter your first name (with your second name, if applicable; e.g. Hannah Sophia) into the Complete First Name field.
  3. Enter your middle name (not the middle initial but spelled out, please) into the Complete Middle Name field.


  • If you have no middle name or last name, don’t leave the corresponding field blank. Enter a dash instead.
  • If your first name begins with a Maria and your first search using Maria yields no result, try variations of Maria. (e.g. use Ma. or just Ma in place of Maria in your next search).
  • If your name has an ñ, press Alt on your keyboard, hold it, then press the numbers 1, 6 and 4 in succession.

Last Name: De Jesus IV
Complete First Name: Carlos Miguel
Complete Middle Name: Santos


ACET Provincial Testing Centers

The following is a complete list of all Ateneo College Entrance Test or ACET provincial testing centers or venues. To find the provincial testing center nearest you, go to the appropriate section (Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao) then find your province. There’s only one testing center per province.

Note to provincial freshmen applicants: The ACET in these provincial venues is going to take place on September 18, 2010, 7:30 am to 12: 30 pm.

Note to provincial transfer applicants: The ACET for transfer students will take place on January 15, 2011, 7:30 am to 12:30 pm, but ONLY in select provincial testing centers; namely, Cagayan de Oro City, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Naga, and Zamboanga.  To take the ACET for transfer students, you need to take the test in any of the above-named provincial locations or in the Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights Campus, Quezon City. If you choose the latter option, you’ll have to take the ACET for transfer students on January 16, 2011, 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.


St. Agnes’ Academy
Guidance Office
Rizal Street, Legaspi City
(052) 480-1682
(052) 480-2080

St. Bridget College
HS Guidance Office
M.H. Del Pilar Street, Batangas City
(043) 984-1395

Canossa Academy
Human Resource Center-Testing Office
San Carlos, Lipa City
(043) 756-1329
(043) 756-1819

Baguio City National High School
Guidance Office
Governor Pack Road, Baguio City
(074) 444-8380
(074) 444-2645

St. Paul College of Bocaue
Center for Counseling, Testing and Admission
Turo, Bocaue, Bulacan
(044) 692-3309
(044) 692-4451

Immaculate Conception – School for Boys
HS Guidance Office
City of Malolos, Bulacan
(044) 791-0288
(044) 662-1620

St. Paul University-Philippines
HS Guidance Office
Mabini Street, Tuguegarao City
(078) 846-1863 loc. 111
(078) 846-4305

Ateneo de Naga High School
Guidance Office
Phelan Drive, Km. 7, Pacol, Naga City
(054) 473-7952
(054) 473-2702

Holy Spirit Academy of Laoag
Guidance Office
Bonifacio Street, Laoag City
(077) 772-0391
(077) 770-4165

St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
Student Services Office
Bantay, Ilocos Sur
(077) 722-8101
(077) 674-2457

Canossa College
Human Resource Center
Lakeside Park Subdivision, San Pablo City
(049) 562-3891
(049) 562-3890

College of the Immaculate Conception
HS Principal’s Office
Sumacab Este, Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City
(044) 463-8102 loc.116
(044) 463-7481

St. Mary’s University
Publishing House
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
(078) 321-2221
(078) 321-2117

Holy Trinity College
Guidance and Testing Center
Quezon Street, Puerto Princesa City
(048) 433-2061

Holy Angel University
HS Guidance Office
Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City
(045) 888-8691 loc. 1229
(045) 888-2514

Ednas School
Guidance Office
Tapuac District, Dagupan City
(075) 522-2440
(075) 522-3572

Sacred Heart College
College Guidance Office
# 1 Merchan Street, Lucena City, Quezon
(042) 710-3888 loc. 111
(042) 373-4240

Don Bosco Technical Institute
Guidance & Testing Office
Sto. Cristo, Tarlac City
(045) 982-2159 loc. 141
(045) 982-5440

Columban College
Guidance and TestingCenter
#1 Mt. Apo Street, East Tapinac, Olongapo City
(047) 222-3329 loc.106
(047) 222-7782


Infant Jesus Academy-Kalibo
Principal’s Office
Quezon corner F. Quimpo Avenues, Capitol Subd., Kalibo, Aklan
(036) 262-7523

Holy Name University
HS Principal’s Office
Janssen Heights, Dampas District,
Tagbilaran City
(038) 411-3823

Sacred Heart School-Jesuit
Psychological Services Office
H. Abellana St.,Canduman, Mandaue City
(032) 345-4378 loc.1226
(032) 343-6279

Ateneo de Iloilo High School
GS Guidance Office
Gen. Blanco Street, Iloilo City
(033) 337-5531
(033) 336-2903

Holy Infant College
HS Guidance Office
Benigno Aquino Avenue, Tacloban City
(053) 321-2960
(053) 321-1098

St. John’s Institute
Guidance Office
Capitol Subdivision, Bacolod City
(034) 433-3773/ 433-1577


Ateneo de Davao High School
Student Dev’t. Center
Acacia Street, Matina, Davao City
(082) 299-2404 loc. 4303
(082) 299-2406

La Salle Academy
Guidance Office
La Salle Road, Pala-o, Iligan City
(063) 221-3203 loc. 38
(063) 221-3203 loc. 49

Notre Dame University
Guidance and Testing Center
Notre Dame Avenue, Cotabato City
(064) 421-2598
(064) 421-4312

Xavier University High School
Guidance Office
Pueblo de Oro, Cagayan de Oro City
(088) 858-7471 loc. 4138
(08822) 712278

General Santos Hope Christian School
Guidance Office
Block 8, Dadiangas Hts. General Santos City
(083) 301-1813
(083) 552-6468

St. Paul University-Surigao
HS Guidance Office
Km. 3, Brgy. Luna, Surigao City
(086) 826-1332 loc. 214
(086) 826-4325 loc. 111

Ateneo de Zamboanga High School
Guidance Office
Lunzuran, Tumaga Road, Zamboanga City
(062) 991-0871 loc. 3112
(062) 991-0870

ACET for SY 2011-2012 Application Ongoing

As of June 15 2010, the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) application period is officially open. If you are an aspiring Ateneo de Manila University freshman or transferee for School Year 2011-2012, you must take and pass this year’s ACET.

To start applying for the ACET, get your ACET application form from the:

Office of Admission and Aid
Ground Floor, Kostka Hall
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights Campus
Quezon City

Whether you’re a prospective freshman or transferee, you must get your ACET application form on or before the end of application form issuance and you must submit your completed forms on or before the submission deadline. Check out the following ACET application schedule:

ACET Application Schedule

End of Issuance of Application Forms:
August 09, 2010  For Freshman Applicants
December 17, 2010 For Transfer Applicants

ACET Application Form Submission Deadlines
August 06, 2010, 5:00 pm  For Bulk Submission
August 13, 2010, 5:00 pm  For Submission of Completed Application Forms and Registration for the ACET

After you have submitted your ACET application and any other supporting documentation, you will get a test permit that details your ACET exam schedule.

ACET Exam Schedule

For Freshman Applicants:

Venue: Provincial Testing Centers*
Date: September 18, 2010
Time: 7:30 am to 12:30 pm

Venue: Ateneo de Manila University Manila University, Loyola Heights Campus, Quezon City
Date: September 18, 2010 / September 19, 2010
Time: 7:30 am to 12:30 pm / 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm

For Transfer Applicants:

Venue: Testing Centers in Cagayan de Oro City, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Naga, and Zamboanga ONLY
Date: January 15, 2011
Time: 7:30 am to 12:30 pm

Venue: Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights Campus, Quezon City
Date: January 16, 2011
Time: 7:30 am to 12:30 pm

After you take the ACET, pray, sit tight and wait for the results.

ACET Results and Decisions:

For Freshman Applicants: January 2011
For Transfer Applicants: May 2011


The prospect of taking an entrance test can be one of the most trying experiences for an incoming college freshman, particularly if that test is called the ACET.  Add in the reputation of the entrance exam being “unfinishable” and you have a good recipe for burnout.

The good news is that there are strategies you can employ to help you not only survive the pressure, but thrive in the midst of it as well.  Take it from one who’s been there, done that.

The Coverage

An entrance test usually contains a number of standard issue topics, and the ACET is no different in this respect.  Expect to see questions related to mathematics (geometry and trigonometry), reading comprehension, language proficiency and abstract and logical reasoning.

In case you’re wondering what the difference is between the last two sections, the former has to do with discerning patterns among shapes and other squiggly things.  The latter has more to do with spotting fallacies and loopholes in arguments.

Unlike its entrance test brethren, the ACET contains no separate science section.  Instead, it makes up for it by adding a General Information section (aka the facts section) to the mix.  It would be wise to update your current events databank for this.

Remember how you had to write an essay when you applied at the Ateneo?  Well, you’ll have to write another one for the language proficiency section, besides correcting grammatical errors and completing sentences, that is.

The Write Stuff

In other articles, I mentioned the importance of time-budgeting, answering easy questions first, reviewing, solving practice tests, etc.  All of those guidelines apply to the ACET as well.  Another thing you need to sharpen, however, is your essay-writing ability, and the only way to really get good at it is to do it yourself.

Here’s a suggestion:  go to a bookstore or library or surf the Web for some good essays.  Study them to get a feel of what writing an essay is like, and then write an essay of your own in response to what you’ve just read.

I highly recommend constructing an outline first, especially if you’re not used to writing essays under time pressure.  If you have, say, fifteen minutes to write the essay, spend about three minutes organizing your ideas into a coherent outline, seven to eight minutes writing the actual text, and four minutes reviewing and correcting everything.

Make your time limit challenging but reasonable at the start.  Once you’ve mastered writing the essay within that specific period of time, up the ante by subtracting a minute or so from the timer and do it again.  Repeat the process over and over, in incrementally shorter time limits to improve your speed.  Better yet, grab a friend and have him or her time you and give you feedback.

Not Finishing Doesn’t Mean Failure

In the end, you may be wondering if you need to finish the ACET in order to pass.  The answer is a resounding NO.  At the time that I took it, I remember having left so many questions blank that I wondered if I’d ever make it into the Ateneo.  Thankfully, I did.

Remember:  the ACET will test your knowledge of academics, but it will test your psychological mettle even more.  Finishing the test isn’t necessary to pass; competing with and transcending yourself is.  That is something that teachers and school officials will be looking at as you spend the rest of your college life in the Jesuit University.

4 Days Until ACET!

The Ateneo College Entrance Test (or ACET for short) is set to take place on September 19 and 20, 2009 (that’s this coming Saturday and Sunday). This is the bulletin that has been lifted directly from the Ateneo de Manila University website:

The Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) will be administered at the AHS and AGS campuses on Sept. 19 & 20, Sat. & Sun.: 7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

For those who are taking the ACET:  Good luck to all of you!  Have a good night’s rest before the exam, keep your head clear during the exam, and forget about the ACET after the exam; there’s time enough for remembering once the results are out.

For those who expect to be in the area on September 19 and 20:  I wish you good luck, too – good luck in beating the heavy traffic, that is.  If you don’t need to be there (or if you don’t have to go through the area), please find some other place to go to (or some other place to go through).

Ateneo High School and ACET Application Ongoing


Application forms for the Ateneo High School entrance examination are now available at the Office of Admission and Aid in Kostka Hall, ADMU.  Be sure to submit your completely filled-out form by the application deadline, September 18, 2009.  The Ateneo High School entrance exam will be held on October 3 & 4, 2009.


Aspiring college freshmen can submit their Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) application forms until August 14, 2009.  Application forms may be obtained from the Office of Admission and Aid, Kostka Hall, Ateneo de Manila University.  The ACET shall be held at the Loyola Heights campus on September 19 & 20, 2009, and it will cover three main subject areas:  English, Math and General Intelligence.

Increasing your Chances of Passing the ACET

pass the acet

ready, ACET, go!

It’s interesting how word travels fast regarding entrance exams.  For example, the Ateneo College Entrance Test’s (ACET’s) reputation as being an “unfinishable exam” has left a distinct impression among many test takers, both past and future.

Granted, the ACET is a challenging exam, but there’s no need to be intimidated by it.  To follow are some guidelines to help you beat that exam giant down to a more manageable size.

An Ounce of Preparation…


You may wish to brush upon your Mathematics and English skills, as you will need to draw heavily upon these come test time.  Whatever you do, DO NOT review the week before the exam, as cramming does not work.  If possible, review months (or even years) before to avoid the rush.

There are two things the ACET will require from you:  speed and accuracy.  If need be, seek assistance from a review service.  Doing so can help you get used to answering questions quickly; it can also help boost your self-confidence.

Remember to pack some water snacks for the break that will be given to you.  Brain food (such as tuna, nuts, fruits and vegetables) is a must during any heavy mental workout.  Also remember to bring your watch, as you will need it to help you budget your time effectively.

Make sure you relax on the day, (if possible, the week) before the exam, and leave your home early.  This is to allow for a ginormous volume of vehicular and human traffic en route to the testing room.

Attitude Determines Altitude

It’s a good idea to get into that “success mindset” while preparing for the exam.  Believe that you are excellent Ateneo material, as your beliefs will reveal themselves in your essay (yes, the ACET includes an essay portion as well.).

Months before the exam, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself in no uncertain terms “I am worthy of studying in the Ateneo.  I can pass the ACET and pass it well.”  It may sound like a crazy idea at first, but keep doing it everyday.  It won’t be long before you start believing in it yourself.

Divine Assistance


The very thought of taking the test may make you feel like Atlas, who bore the entire weight of the world upon his shoulders.  It’s all right to feel that way – just remember that you aren’t alone.  Everyone else is going through the same experience.

Be sure to pray before and after the exam.  This is critical, as it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you’ll be doing everything on your own strength.

Besides the obvious spiritual benefits involved, prayer also sets your mind in a more relaxed state and allows you to think more clearly.  In a pressure cooker exam like the ACET, you’ll need every iota of clear thinking that you can get.

Knocking ‘Em Dead

Take the time to read the instructions carefully.  Yes, I know you have to deal with time constraints, but it will be a HUGE waste of time and effort if you misunderstand the instructions and screw up.

Remember that watch you brought?  Use it.  Try to give yourself a little leeway in terms of time.  For example, if you’re given five minutes to complete one section, give yourself four minutes instead.  This is to give you time to go back and review your answers.  Studies show that students tend to change wrong answers into right ones instead of vice versa.

By the way, do note that the ACET is not one of those “right minus wrong” exams.  Go after the easy questions first – this will assure you of points and help inspire you to keep going.  Skip the more difficult ones and return to them later.

If ever you don’t know the answer to a particular question, take your best educated guess and answer it, anyway.  Who knows, you may end up writing the correct answer in the process.

The Paradox


As strange as it sounds, it may be paradoxically easier to get into Ateneo than some other schools.  The reason for this is that significantly fewer people tend to take a shot at the ACET than, say, the UPCAT or the USTET.  This eliminates a lot of your competition and increases your chances of getting accepted.

That doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels, though.  Just pray, prepare and give it your best shot.  That alone is behavior worthy of success, regardless of the outcome.

ACET Essay Portion Tips

ACET essay exam tips

If you’ve applied at the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), then you already know that the application process involves essay writing.  Love it or hate it, it’s all par for the course as far as ADMU school life is concerned.

In fact, the institution’s very own entrance exam—the ACET—requires test takers to write essays under time pressure.  If this sounds like a daunting task to you, fear not.  I’ll share a few tips with you that can help increase your chances of acing that essay portion of the test.

Writing Well Under Time Pressure

Doing anything while the clock is ticking is an acquired skill—writing is no exception.  I cannot fully emphasize how important it is to get enough practice well before the ACET rolls around.

Here’s a suggestion:  ask a friend to help you out.  Have him or her give you an essay question about any topic.  Make an outline first, and then start writing.  Give yourself twenty-five minutes to finish the essay, and then have your friend review your work and give you feedback.

If the essay isn’t exactly up to snuff, keep practicing.  If it is, repeat the process, but this time, give yourself twenty minutes instead.  Repeat the process again, but limit yourself to fifteen minutes this time, and so on.

Keep doing this over and over and I can almost guarantee you that you will become adept at it.  Pray to God for help and keep practicing.  When the big day arrives, the essay portion of the ACET won’t look so formidable anymore.

Some Essay Question Examples

This may strike you as strange, but don’t expect essay questions on narrowly-focused topics.  People who have taken the ACET recently have reported that the questions can range from the broad to the vague to the weird.

For example, the ACET people may ask you to discuss how useful computers are in today’s world.  You may also encounter an essay question asking you to explain how children cope with the reality of living away from their parents.

If you’re wondering why those questions were chosen for the test, I must confess that I’m as clueless as you are.  Before you scratch your head or break out into a fit of laughter, please note that the essay questions aren’t meant to be relevant to the ACET at face value.  The people behind the test are looking for something else entirely.

The Whole Point

While you’re intensely focused on that pressure cooker of an exam, your first priority is to be able to put your thoughts down on paper and to make yourself understood.  Never mind if the topic doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem meaningful to you—just express yourself as clearly and as concisely as you possibly can. That, my friends, is the point of the entire exercise.

There’s this joke going around that Ateneans can give you a good discussion on just about any topic under the sun, even if that topic is absurd or pointless.  Don’t worry; you’ll get plenty of essay training later when you get into the college.  For now, consider the ACET essay questions as a means of getting your feet wet in the wonderful world of self-expression.