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Links & Credits


After you have exhausted our resources, you can get information directly from the following sites:

  • For up-to-date UPCAT news and information, there’s no better source than the UPCAT website.
  • For information on the Ateneo Undergraduate Admission Process, go to the ADMU Website.
  • For updates on UST Admission for Freshmen, read the UST Admission Guidelines.
  • For information on the DLSU Application procedure, go to the DLSU Admissions page.
  • For the latest updates about the Philippine Science High School entrance exam, visit the Pisay website.
  • For the latest news on the Manila Science High School entrance test, visit the MaSci website.

If you are particularly interested in UST or in the universities/colleges in and around the University Belt:

boyacadsRJ Naguit is your man. RJ is a UST nursing student who has kindly consented to shed some light on the intricacies of UST life. You can look forward to his contributions here at (patience, my child, give RJ some time). Visit his blog at It has everything you can wish to know about UST and the UBelt ‘hood. School Tips, Tipid Tips, Campus Tour, U-Speak, and U-Trip – seek and BoyAcads will let you have it.

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