Haha. My name was included sa UPCAT Mass for the UPCAT last year. :) Go lang guys, enter your name :> Laking tulong ng AC sa college life niyo. :)

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College Entrance Exam Resources

Looking for information on college entrance exams in the Philippines? You’ve come to the right place. The following links will lead you to posts, resources and information on specific Philippine college entrance tests.
UPCAT Review Resources
This is a collection of posts and articles on UPCAT Reviews including free UPCAT reviews. Also included are detailed write-ups on various UPCAT review centers that offer paid UPCAT review classes.
UPCAT Exam Tips
Check out this collection if you want to get to know the UP admission procedure, get updated on UPCAT schedules and learn about UPCAT exam taking strategies, UPCAT news, UPCAT test-taking tips, and all things UPCAT.
ACET Exam Tips
Learn about ACET test taking strategies, ACET news and read all available ACET resources.
This collection is devoted exclusively to the DLSUCET including DLSUCET news, schedules and test-taking strategies and tips.
USTET Exam Tips
This collection is for you if you’re taking the USTET. This collection will help you in your USTET and give you insight on the UST admission process and USTET interview strategies.
Other College Entrance Tests
This collection contains tips, news, and other information related to college entrance exams and admission procedure/policies of other universities such as PUP, TUP, Adamson, Miriam, Mapua, CEU, FEU, Fatima, and UA&P among others.
Comprehensive College Admissions Guide
A table that summarizes the admission procedure/steps/fees of individual universities and colleges in the Philippines. It also provides general information on estimated college entrance exam schedules.

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18 thoughts on “College Entrance Exam Resources

  1. Please I want to apply as an international student from Nigeria, how will I go about it. Also I already have my RN (Registered Nurse) so if I want 2 apply 4 my bsc hons how man years will it take

  2. eve po..

    ask ko lang po if pwede pa mkatransfer ngayon and 2nd year college students sa school niyo? and what are the requirements?

  3. HI Po,

    ano po ang in demand course ngayon kasi na lilito na po ako na kung anong course ang kukunin. ko kahit nautical po ang dream ko??? in demand po paba ang nautical???

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