I'll be taking this test tomorrow. As what Migs said, this calmed (me) down a bit, too. Thanks.

“Passed” Another Thomasian Freshman Story

By: Mia Villafuerte Cold.Worried.Terrified.             These are the three words I felt when days are numbered before the release of USTET results two years ago. I never see myself as a student with exceptional intellectual capacity or someone who is … Continue reading

USTET: Does Your Batch Really Matter?
UST Logo

By Janina Denise H. Torralba             Because UST is one of the Philippines’ Big Four, qualifying for UST tends to be competitive. Tens of thousands of applicants take the exam every year, and only a few qualify for the university. … Continue reading

USTET Reconsideration Process

One of the most reassuring aspects of a college entrance exam is the option you’re given if you don’t perform as planned.  It’s called reconsideration, and the University of Santo Tomas is offering this option for applicants who don’t quite … Continue reading

USTET Application: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extension of the submission deadline for USTET requirements? There is no official deadline extension for the requirements.  There are, however, special cases wherein the school accepts late submissions depending on the applicants’ reasons for doing so.  The … Continue reading

Does UST Accept Non-Catholics?

When I was still in school, I had a classmate who was a professing agnostic.  I also remember having classmates who were professing Protestants.  It was an interesting experience hanging around these folks, considering that we were studying in a … Continue reading

USTET Review Guide

It’s not unusual to find forum members discussing the level of difficulty presented by the different college entrance exams.  Opinions vary as to which test is the most difficult.  On the flip side, there are those who believe that certain … Continue reading

USTET Coverage

There are certain subjects or sections that you’ll see in almost every entrance exam out there:  mathematics, science, and what not.  Sometimes, though, you’ll come across a test that desires to act out of the box and experiment a little. … Continue reading

College Entrance Exams: General Science Coverage

Like the math portions of college entrance exams, the science portions also have a kind of pattern to them.  The tests draw from certain major branches of science, each with their respective sub-branches. If you’d like a listing of the … Continue reading

College Entrance Exams: General Math Coverage

To an applicant going through a lot of stress, math sections of college entrance tests may appear as odd assortments of numbers, problems and headaches.  Fortunately, there is an inherent pattern to it—a method to the “madness,” if you will. … Continue reading

College Entrance Exams: General English Coverage

In anime and manga, a nosebleed refers to a male character’s manly interest in an attractive female character.  In college entrance tests, though, a nosebleed is a sure sign that one is struggling with the English section of the exam. … Continue reading