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UPCAT Review: COPCAT from U.P. Batangan

The Good Book teaches that the way U.P. is down.  That is, people who would be great must take the path of the servant.  There are U.P. orgs that are actually treading this path. One of them is U.P. Batangan. … Continue reading

Free UPCAT Review: The UP Kalilayan Core Program

Free UPCAT review from the UP Kalilayan. UPCAT Review requirements and other information on this free UPCAT review. Continue reading

Free UPCAT Review: REV-UP! The UP Sandiwa College Entrance Review

If it’s indeed true that birds of the same feather flock together, then all it takes is a little sleuthing to find the student organization that’s right for you.  In fact, the rosters of certain orgs are composed entirely of … Continue reading

Free UPCAT Review: RISE-UP! The KKK College Entrance Review

My father often spoke to me of his humble beginnings.  As a member of a large family from a fishing village in Bicol, my dad longed to study at the state university, graduate with honors and become successful in the … Continue reading

Free UPCAT Review: UPCAMP by UP IE Club

When I mention the phrase “UPCAT review” to you, what usually goes through your head?  Extra expenses?  Study sessions along Katipunan Avenue?  Those are part and parcel of the overall picture, but they’re not all there is to it. The … Continue reading

Choosing your UPCAT Review Center: A Practical Guide
is upcat hard

It’s UPCAT season again.  Let’s say that you have a 50/50 chance of passing the UP entrance test.  In that case, the choice of an UPCAT review center can make or break your hopes of getting into UP.  The scales … Continue reading