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St. Scholastica’s College Manila Admission and Entrance Exam Basics
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By:  Janina Denise Torralba Despite being highly contested and controversial, the concepts of religion and women empowerment are both given importance in the Philippines. Taking these two concepts together and subsequently following the footsteps of other religious orders before them, … Continue reading

Philippine Normal University Admission and Entrance Exam Basics
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By:  Janina Denise Torralba As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” Being the primary agents of knowledge, teachers just might have more influence on people than any other figure of society. This is why teachers are always highly valued and … Continue reading

Technological Institute of the Philippines Admission and Entrance Exam Basics
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By:  Janina Denise Torralba Technological advancement is an indelible factor and product of man’s heightened standards of living. It is indicative of a country’s progress and power as it so often contributes to the productivity of its citizens. Knowing the … Continue reading

Assumption College Admission and Entrance Exam Basics

By:  Janina Denise Torralba The credence of a school does not lie solely in the quality of its education. It also lies in the upbringing of its students—the morals, virtues, and bearing instilled by the school during a student’s stay. … Continue reading

Lyceum of the Philippines University Application and Entrance Exam Basics

By:  Janina Denise Torralba Very few universities can claim to have had the hands of such prominent figures as a president and a National Artist set upon them in such a short period of existence. Furthermore, only a handful can … Continue reading

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Application and Entrance Exam Basics

By:  Janina Denise Torralba             Zero tuition fees for local residents, subsidies and funds by the city government, and an official name in the Filipino language—to be known for even one of these traits makes … Continue reading

Strategies for Abstract Reasoning or Non-Verbal Test

By:  Kevin Lubrin Domingsil   1. Some strategies may refer to letters of the alphabet and numbers. On your scratch paper, make a list of the alphabet and write their corresponding numerical value starting from 1. Example, A-1, B-2, C-3, … Continue reading

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By:  JC Gatdula in cooperation with Yiel Anunciacion and Jed Adriel       Below are links to college admission application forms of some of the top universities in the Philippines.  Keep in mind that some of the application forms … Continue reading

College Entrance Exam Coverage of Top Philippine Universities

By:  Christian Rieza Taking college entrance exams that will determine the university you will study at can be a daunting task, especially to someone who is yet to experience the true rigors of life—someone like you. Taking one is inevitable … Continue reading

San Beda College Application and Entrance Exam Basics
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By: Kevin San Miguel Cuevas  San Beda College Introduction San Beda College—known for its excellence in studies focused on criminal justice and the judicial system in the country—is a private sectarian college run by the Benedictine monks. Presently, they stand … Continue reading