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DLSUCET Schedule and Important Dates 2010: SY 2011-2012

Students of De La Salle University (DLSU) know for a fact that the institution operates under a slightly different schedule—that is, it eschews a semester system for a trimester one.  This makes for some slight adjustments with respect to application … Continue reading


With universities gearing up for entrance test days, it’s no surprise that students and even parents have taken to the World Wide Web in search of exam tips and strategies.  The good news is that those who have been there … Continue reading

DLSUCET Online Application / Registration

Back when I was in college, I remember sweating and plodding along with a few thousand other students just to get my application form.  The Internet was in its infancy then, and we had little choice but to suck it … Continue reading

Increasing your Chances of Passing the DLSUCET

Thinking of Enlisting as an Archer?  Going for the Green and White?  Good for you.  You’ll need to nail that DLSUCET first, though.  The entrance exam can be manageable, or it can be difficult, depending on how you go about … Continue reading

Why Study in DLSU?

De La Salle University isn’t just about archery, you know.  Each university is unique, and DLSU has identifying features and facilities all its own.  If you’re wondering what the university has to offer you, then a gander at the following. … Continue reading

DLSUCET Schedule and Important Dates

If it’s one thing you learn when you’re saddled with responsibilities, it’s the ability to get organized.  For students, this can start way before they even begin their college education—during their college application days, that is. Fortunately, learning institutions have … Continue reading


yearly application and exam release schedules for UPCAT, ACET, DLSUCET and USTET Continue reading

The DLSUCET and DLSU Application Process

Ask any aspiring college student which university they’d like to attend and chances are high that De La Salle University (DLSU) is on their list.  As one who’s benefited from a hybrid education, I can understand why DLSU would be … Continue reading

Practical Guide: Reviewing for College Entrance Exams

UP, ADMU, DLSU, and UST are calling.  Oh you want more than anything to respond – but there’s a hitch.  There’s the UPCAT, the ACET, the DLSUCET, and the USTET to go through.  These college entrance exams are like the … Continue reading

What to Expect from the DLSUCET

DLSUCET stands for De La Salle University College Entrance Test.  This is the test you’ll need to sit (and pass) in order to become part of the elite body of LaSallites.  Therefore, if you are planning on studying at De … Continue reading