I wish I followed you before I took the ACET.

by PaulDelights on Twitter
Blue and White Streamers

  What will a guy do to get to the Ateneo? Literally Everything! Practicing Everyday Excellence and being diligent are only one of the few habits that will get a student to successfully enter his dream school.   Video entry … Continue reading

I STAND for UP!! I LIVE for UP!!

  Yeah!! Here it is..the things i’ll do to successfully get into UP!! Transcription: (Nakadapa..nagrereview sa cellphone) Mama: Hoy, Bea!! Magreview ka na nga!! Wag ka na dyan magparaemote-emote! Malapit na ang exam mo sa UPCAT!! (Akala..nagbabasa ng ebook stories) … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Get Into UP

  18 THINGS I’LL DO TO GET INTO UP =) Here’s my list of things that I will do to get into UP: 1. Think positive. Before anything else. I always believe that I can get into UP. 2. Review … Continue reading

Kid, you’ll move mountains

  When my junior was about to end, I began to plan about my whole summer. And some of the plans that I had were things to do to pass the UPCAT. I’ve been reading articles here, on academic-clinic.com, since … Continue reading

A Journey to Success

  Every person aspires to be on top—to achieve his dreams and goals in life. In other words, every man wishes to be successful. As I turn another chapter in my life, college is the climax of the story because … Continue reading

18 Things I’ll Do To Lift “UP” Myself

These are the 18 Things I’ll Do To Get Into any campus of the University of the Philippines. Transcript: 18 things I’ll do to get into one of the campuses of the University of the Philippines? Let’s see… -I’ll… 1. … Continue reading

I’ll Reach Stars and Swim Oceans

  I would like to thank VideoScribe for helping me make this video. This won’t be possible without it. I would also like to thank Ahead because even if I don’t win this, my creativity was at least enhanced and … Continue reading

Attitude not just Aptitude

http://youtu.be/lhMqVgDUPok “UP made you in such a way that when the world is sitting, you would be standing. And when the world is standing, you would stand out. When the world stands out, you would be outstanding. And when the … Continue reading

18 Things I’ll Do to Enter DLSU – by Jezyka Llanos

http://youtu.be/YdELmEja4YM These are the things that I will do just to enter my dream college school – DLSU 🙂 Enjoy Watching! 🙂 (PS: My brother (which is a Lasallian) helped me in creating this video 🙂 Everyone of us dreams … Continue reading

Para sa U.P!

  1. Study smart 2. Review math concepts. 3. Increase your vocabulary. 4. Read good books. 5. Learn more about grammar and composition. 6. Read about science and technology. 7. Attend the “37 Proven Tips to Pass UPCAT the Sure … Continue reading